The Anniversary the Media Would Choose You Forget

Ann Coulter

June 01, 2023

Source: Bigstock How did I miss out on the 3rd anniversary of George Floyd’s death? Were the media captured sleeping? Three years ago, Floyd was provided funeral services in 3 states, carried in a gold coffin and driven to his last resting place in a horse-drawn carriage. It was like the funeral service for a pharaoh.

From Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, to the end of the year, The New York Times alone ran more than 4,000 posts about him. But exactly 3 years later, Floyd’s name made it into just three Times items– fleetingly and barely.

“Cops are 400 times as most likely to be killed by a black individual as unarmed blacks are to be eliminated by cops.”

Are the media (and Democrats, and Hollywood, and business America, and the universities and elementary school, and medical facilities and military and President Biden) hoping we’ll forget about their strange project to make black Americans even angrier?

Given that May 25, 2020, the single-minded message delivered to black people, without disturbance or contradiction, has actually been that they reside in a country soaked in white supremacy, anything bad that takes place to them is evidence of bigotry, and oh by the method, the authorities are attempting to eliminate them.

The You Are a Victim! message is unlikely to produce excellent behavior in anybody. Directed at a group that currently had a pretty high rate of criminal angering, it nearly ruined our nation.

By the end of 2020, the national homicide rate had shot up an unprecedented 30% and has continued to climb up since then.

As Heather Mac Donald composes in her new book, When Race Trumps Benefit:

“New murder records were set in 2021 in Philadelphia, Columbus, Indianapolis, Rochester, Louisville, Toledo, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Portland, and in other places. The violence continued into 2022. January 2022 was Baltimore’s most dangerous month in almost 50 years, with 36 people killed, compared to 35 in 1973, when the city’s population was much larger.”

With the black neighborhood itself bearing the brunt of the violence, by now, the gentility’s fawning welcome of the Black Lives Matter movement has gotten tens of thousands of black individuals killed.

If I ‘d done that, I ‘d want everyone to forget the “racial reckoning,” too.

Although the per hour “bigotry updates” have ended, BLM’s lies have actually calcified into gotten wisdom. It is still a matter of teaching that black individuals are victims of systemically racist police.

In truth, as Mac Donald has actually been documenting for many years, cops are 400 times as likely to be eliminated by a black individual as unarmed blacks are to be eliminated by police officers.

Using the most recent figures, in 2021, a grand total of eight unarmed blacks were eliminated by cops. That exact same year, an approximated 29 police officers were killed by black suspects. Of course, there are a lot more black individuals (47 million) than policeman (700,000). Hence, the apples-to-apples comparison exercises to: For every single 100,000 blacks, 1/100th of one unarmed black is eliminated by a police; for every 100,000 police officers, four are killed by black men.

Maybe it’s the mothers of black police officers who should be providing their kids “The Talk.” Son, do everything you can to prevent being appointed to a black neighborhood. Look out at all times, even when being in your team car. If at all possible, do not apprehend a black suspect. If you absolutely have to, make sure you have backup.

One person too loaded with her own self-righteousness to notice that the rest of her party had decided to keep mum about the “racial numeration” was Rep. Ilhan Omar. She marked the celebration by throwing up the specific very same boilerplate about racist cops and “black bodies.”

“Regardless of the heightened examination and spotlight on state-sanctioned violence on to Black bodies,” she informed The Guardian, “it still continues to occur at the same rate, if not higher.”

(What I admire most about third-world immigrants is their awareness that their forefathers were individuals entirely incapable of developing a functioning society, and for that reason, if they took place to find themselves in an effective country, like the U.S., they ought to shut up, listen and discover.)

“State-sanctioned violence” versus “black bodies”? The fact is all cops shootings of blacks combined (warranted, unjustified, armed and unarmed) is a smaller sized percentage of the black murder rate (2%) than cops shootings are of the white and Hispanic murder rates (9%).

But the 98% of black people who are eliminated by other black individuals are of absolutely no interest to the media or the Democratic Party. It’s that important.01% of blacks killed by cops that get the headings.


Black mother: Please God, tell me the shooters weren’t white!

After listing pages and pages of black children killed in black neighborhoods by black criminals, Mac Donald writes: “Since the black children’s aggressors are extremely black themselves, the nation alters the subject, lest it be implicated of a taboo attention to black criminal offense.”

So black bodies continue to pile up, and the only people who offer a damn are conservatives– and the cops.

Pleased anniversary.

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