The Atrocious Nature of the State Of Mind and Actions of the Psychopathic Criminal Component of This Nation

By: Gary D. Barnett

“The eyes of a psychopath will trick you, they will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocence, your pride and ultimately your soul. These eyes do not see what you and I can see. Behind these eyes, one discovers just blackness, the lack of light. These are of a psychopath.”

~ Dr. Samuel Loomis

Who is Derrick John Thompson, and why is he permitted to be any part of human society? Derrick Thompson has simply been accused of eliminating 5 very young and vital ladies in a horrendous car crash, and one where he left the scene, seemingly completely unconcerned of any caring whatsoever for those he murdered. He is the child of a former Minnesota politician, a State ‘representative,’ who was ousted from his seat for lying, incorrectly declaring racist profiling to just avoid discovery of his corruption, and an extremely violently vocal fan of the abhorrent ‘black lives matter,’ scum. He (Derrick Thompson) obviously has been schooled well in the art of psychopathic habits, and due to the idiocy that consumes this nation today, he was released really early, after a 2020 conviction according to California court records, of a violent felony, in which he was sentenced for a 2018 mishap that considerably damaged a woman from Montecito. He likewise ran away the scene that day as well.

One might ask why this has actually not received more extensive protection by the mainstream sluts, however what a ridiculous question. Thompson is black, and the child of an extreme low-life politician, and all these innocent young women were Islam, so obviously, his race defeated theirs’s, at least as far as this reporting goes. Just how much did his early release from jail, a release conditioned on California Proposition 57, which provided the California Department of ‘Corrections’ and ‘Rehab,’ (CDCR) a large range to launch felons by early parole? I wonder how much help he obtained from his daddy due to political pressure, in order to be given such an early release, but once again, this has not been resolved by the media, so there is no chance to know for sure? If so, should not the dad and the CDCR be held responsible and complicit in this abhorrent murder? I think so!

We live in a time of psychopathic habits, and in a time of mass forgiveness of psychopathic conduct by those who have actually been deliberately singled out as ‘special victims,’ due just to color, race, or sexual ‘choice,’ which is the embodiment of insanity and hypocrisy. We live in a backwards world, where right is wrong, and incorrect is right. Loss of sight to violent criminal acts, is rampant, and that can just be a recipe for total chaos in our future, which is precisely what is looked for by the gentility and their regulated political monsters in government. In this specific mass killing by Thompson, the mainstream media is going to fantastic lengths to prevent his past felonious behavior, and describes this case over and over again as declared; this although the wicked devoted was all captured on electronic camera for any to see, and was not due to any chase or extreme police circumstance, but was just an outright act of complete disregard for the lives of innocent others. He has actually dedicated criminal acts on prior numerous celebrations.

Definitely, we have actually been abused beyond creativity for numerous decades by rulers and governments, but since the outset of the phony ‘covid pandemic,’ the occurring lockdowns, the deadly masks, the murder of high varieties of our population due to abominable medical crucifixion by the so-called American ‘health’ system, the task losses, business closures, the mass inflation, the supply chain damage, and any other variety of horrendous actions at the hands of the State, we who in fact believe in real liberty, have actually been continuously targeted. We are dealing simultaneously with biologically difficult trans hogwash, biologic madness, riots, despicable BLM and Antifa wrongdoers, central bank digital currency rollouts, digitized control grids, extreme monitoring, bioweapons including the fatal bioweapon injections falsely called ‘vaccines,’ weather and bioweapon geoengineering, phony ‘climate change’ policies, food destruction, and a myriad of other dangers all at the same time at the hands of this abhorrent State.

We are being poisoned in every element of our lives, and normalcy has been gotten rid of in favor of crazed behavior by the ‘rulers, the politicians,’ the State at every level, the wicked controlled media, and by much of this blind and indifferent ‘society.’ We are dealing with deadly war with unknown weapons, complete market breakdowns, poisoning from every angle, mass sickness, and what appears to be the largest depopulation effort ever tape-recorded in history.

In the midst of all this, violent criminal atrocities continue to escalate, mainly due to State crime and policies of enslavement, while a lot of ignore what is going on around them, anticipating another handout, another government check, another phony reparations program, another mass transfer of wealth to the ruling class, making equality universal, however this equality will be only equivalent hardship and death of the whole proletariat.

The brutalization and perversion allowed against children has become a typical style, while just a few are exposing this evil. The occurrence of this immoral pedophilia at the hands of federal government, the ruling ‘elite,’ the financial heads, the political class en masse, the media, the Hollywood scum, and the disregard by much of this population to this abhorrent situation, is beyond anything I have ever witnessed. At least with war, lots of get behind the State in support of its atrocities, incorrectly of course, but when the atrocities versus innocent kids are neglected, peace of mind has actually been lost.

It does not have to be by doing this, however just how much are the lazy, non-caring, apathetic, and idiotic amongst us, ready to accept without resistance, and without raising a finger to stop this assault against the commoner and the innocent kids who are being ruined at will?

When psychopaths are allowed to rule over societies, permitted to escape genuine justice for their crimes, and seen as ‘leaders’ by the weak, what have we become? Will the masses ever stand up against their own death, or exists some level of evil that they will finally recognize as too immoral to stomach? Will there ever be any mass revolt against this wicked barbarism at the hands of this miserable State?

“I wonder what would take place if everybody unexpectedly woke up together and realized they ‘d been residing in an undetectable jail run by greedy psychopaths.”

~ Sol Luckman, Cali the Destroyer

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