The Culture War Versus Believing People by the Huge Ideologically-Motivated Insane

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Tolerance has actually pertained to imply that no one is right and nobody is incorrect and, indeed, the very act of mentioning that somebody else’s views are immoral or incorrect is now required intolerant (obviously, from this same perspective, it is all right to be intolerant of those who hold to objectively true ethical or religious positions). When the presence of knowable truth in faith and principles is denied, authority (the right to be believed and obeyed) paves the way to power (the ability to require compliance), reason paves the way to rhetoric, the speech writer is replaced by the makeup man, and spirited however civil dispute in the culture wars is replaced by politically correct special-interest groups who have nothing left however political browbeating to implement their views on others.”

~ J.P. Moreland

It is natural human predisposition to run and conceal from vital thinking, in what has ended up being a society consumed by spurious headlines, lack of knowledge of truth, and extreme propaganda, but fear not the truth. Comprehending the culture war that seems to be constantly continuous, is not as challenging as it may appear. All that is required in order to catch the significance of this line of thinking, is a degree of reasoning and factor, a desire to understand truth over fiction, and to accept certainty above all else. It is important to expose the continuous lies fed to the cumulative herd, and to separate them so as to discover the genuine reality, so that the State’s incorrect stories can be deserted at last. Once this awakening happens, if in fact that is even possible today, and a psychological escape from the insanity of this expected ‘civilization’ emerges, one’s mind will be without worry, anxiety, confusion, and hate. It is a terrific state of remaining in which to dwell.

We remain in a culture war, and the villain in this nefarious plot, and wicked opponent of all sane thinkers, is the State, its managing ruling class, and all those who would support, acknowledge, and implement, its requireds and illegitimate laws. This consists of those who would expect all others to live and act as they do, to blindly accept what they accept, and to bow to authority rather of depending on self. The term “culture” from its Latin root could have originated from various source terms, and gradually, several meanings have actually been applied, however usually in the context here, it means: institutions, behavior, customs, ‘norms,’ and lifestyle. This takes in a lot of area, however does include the social whole. This in essence causes the assumption of a cumulative society, or collectivism, which in turn, means for the ‘good’ of the group at the expense of the individual. As must be presumed, this would constantly be a closed society, based on totalitarianism, obedience, and rule, and totally damaging to freedom. As one need to know, but couple of appear to, this is never the way forward.

Think about just our current history, and you will come away with a much better understanding of our advanced departure from independence and responsibility, into the hell hole of cumulative madness. Simply considering the near term, starting with the ‘covid pandemic’ scams, the hatred towards one another in this country has actually escalated greatly. All so-called ‘cultures’ have clashed at the same time, just as prepared by the puppet masters, and caused dissension at such levels among every societal entity, that mass hate has actually been the outcome. This has been the ultimate in the strategy of divide and dominate, and due to premeditated and purposeful State agitation, the majority of the people are at each other’s throats, while the bypassing cumulative mindset is to censor, shun, and condemn the truthtellers; thus making them out to be non-conforming harmful terrorists. Those who can help others the most by exposing the worldwide takeover plot, those thinkers who attempt to challenge the State, those speaking out against the criminality of the gentility and its enforcers, have now end up being the shunned minority.

The entirety of the ‘Terrific Reset’ plot is based on worry. The ‘covid’ rip-off bears this out, and all State actions because, have actually continued to lead to separation from neighborhood, household, and good friends, removal of the person, universal loss of compassion, concentration just on self and self-fulfillment, mass hatred, and total mayhem. State allowed rioting, thievery, violence, robbery, and the resulting phenomenon of isolation from community in favor of ‘cultural groups,’ have actually resulted in a mob indifference never ever prior to seen in this nation. Variety and ‘tolerance’ now suggest accepting any and all behavior, no matter the completely unethical nature of it, or the terrific harm it causes, especially against the targeted children. Many heinous things are now considered the ‘standard,’ and due to impressive apathy, worry of rejection, and ostracism, the majority of just pretend to see no evil and hear no evil, and do not speak up about the atrocities they are challenged with every day, which indicates that they are definitely excusing by silence, evil intent and actions.

The dominating aspects of any culture war develop an aggressive and antagonistic environment so steeped in anger, censorship, and hatred, that bit real civil conversation and debate can occur. What is lost in this madness, is the truth that we all need to cohabit, regardless if we agree or not about every ‘problem.’ However the bottom line remains the very same; right and incorrect matter, whether or not one picks to concentrate on single or several feigned, and most likely controversial, problems or viewpoints. We are all different, so expecting every other to concur with your position, no matter how enthusiastic it may be for you, is ludicrous. In reality, it is downright ridiculous.

What is lost here, is the most starkly obvious aspect of this whole situation; and that is that all these conflicts are deliberately made by the State players who want to distract you, so that the extreme tyranny they are practicing will go undetected. How better to rule over and control the masses, than to utilize propaganda and psychological maneuvering to pit all against all to such a degree, as to mask the genuine fear facing the hate-blinded proletariat? The right versus wrong argument ends up being moot, since in this kind of cultural battle, there can be no right or wrong. When that level of madness is set in place, total immorality, crime, violence, hostile attitudes, loss of empathy for all others, and gross indifference consumes all else. This will constantly result in a win for the abhorrent State device, and a loss for all the rest people.

Everybody who accepts and participates in this circus of isolation and hate; the republicans and democrats, the phony and farcical transgender crowd, the masters and the collective plebs, the so-called ‘woke’ among you, the race-baiters, the media sluts, the sexes versus each other, the BLM and Antifa scum, all federal governments of course, and any and all who expect to gain respect by force or censorship, are totally responsible for this ravaging declination of humanity. There are many to blame, however so long as any group can use politics in order to choose who wins and who loses, who gets favors, who gets moneyed at his next-door neighbor’s expense, who gets legal protection, and who gets to enforce his will and desires on others, chaos and loss of liberty will be the dominating outcome.

Transgenderism and homosexuality are not regular. Rioting is not typical. Censorship can not be typical in any free society. Mutilation, perversion, and degeneracy are not typical. Killing infants and making use of kids are not normal. Theft, looting, and home destruction are not regular. Mass homelessness is not typical. Abandoning and damaging family is not normal. It is difficult to mix all these things with all the good in life, and expect to maintain any semblance of normalcy. Contending cultures of this magnitude have to entirely separate in order to survive. In any case where unrestricted ‘tolerance ‘and ‘variety’ are demanded, and right and incorrect have no significance, no moral or caring ‘civilization’ can exist.

For that reason, it is my belief that the human species constantly reinforces the madness of man, utilizing ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’ as excuses to change the paradigms of good and evil so regarding prefer both similarly.

So what is the option to our culture war ills? As always, there is just one genuine solution, which is to rid the nation of the significant antagonist driving this wedge in between us. The State and its governing business partners, the gentility to put it simply, need to be abolished in order for consistency to return. This could be done by mass secession, and ideally at every level of ‘governance.’ Then, completing cultures based on force, might go their method, while those of us seeking harmonious co-existence might go another.

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has actually constantly been. The stress of anti-intellectualism has actually been a consistent thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false idea that democracy implies that ‘my lack of knowledge is just as great as your knowledge.”

~ Isaac Asimov


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