The Ever-Escalating Failure of Man Bathing in a Lack of Interest

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Tolerance and lethargy are the last virtues of a dying society.”

~ Aristotle

This is a subject upon which I have actually touched or discussed extensively for a long time, however it is of crucial significance if the bulk of society is ever to come to terms with the reality that their freedom and success are completely dependent on their own efforts, and never ever to be delegated kings, rulers, presidents, technocrats, or federal governments. To depend upon the State for any redress of grievances, for any go back to a freer society, or any expectation of justice in the face of beastly State aggressiveness, domestic or foreign, is asinine. It is the equivalent of anticipating the ready slaveholder to lead efforts to release all servants. This mindset has seemingly consumed the indifferent masses to such a degree, as to have triggered overall blindness to the truth of their own plotted death.

Indifference, apathy, laziness, cowardice, and reliance, are the structures of bondage, and the epitome of consenting to your own servitude by acquiescing to a master or master class of power-seeking beasts. Really, these attitudes are what are sought by the judgment ‘elite’ and their cadre of regulated and complicit pawns in politics and government. For without a mindless and loyal people, guideline by the couple of is impossible to achieve, which means that the collective proletariat must be convinced by lies and extreme propaganda that their very existence should be subject to the rule of overbearing and authoritarian government in order for any ‘civilized’ consistency to withstand. This ‘thinking’ is naturally not only ridiculous, however entirely backward, and antithetical to liberty or any sincere societal consistency and cohesion.

Most believe that liberty can just exist when rules and decrees specifying ‘legal rights’ are present, and outlined in some sort of official set of abhorrent limiting ‘laws,’ authoritative ‘statements’ or some bogus constitution. This is an example of total confusion, and a gross misconception of reasoning and personal responsibility. For the totality of history, there have been those who sought rule over others, so governments in one type or another, with few exceptions, have perpetually existed throughout guy’s time in the world. Thinking about the defects of the human animal, this is no surprise, but what is far more uncomfortable, is that the common man has never ever figured out that he has actually failed to achieve his own pure and independent liberty since the beginning of time, and has always depended on others to accomplish the job of protecting his private liberty. So long as this empty and psychotic frame of mind exists, enslavement of the masses will reign supreme.

What this suggests is that a thirst for power rests in the hearts of mankind, and is fundamental to some extent throughout society, but only the extremely worst couple of seek out and aggressively pursue the task of total control over the lots of. These are the dregs of our presence, who with no moral compass or empathy whatsoever, use every effort possible to cause fantastic harm in order to strike worry in the minds of men to such an extent as to cause false reliance on the rule of others. This is a completely predatory action; a purposeful victimizing the weak, in order to gain power and control over society, and at any cost. Why else would continuous war exist, which of course it has for all of eternity?

Yes, there have been moments of resistance, however seldom has actually any resistance relied on actual anarchy, or voluntaryism with no federal government presence, which is of course the only practical roadway to liberty. Instead, as soon as any remedy for tyranny has been in sight, those pretending to look for genuine independence, have turned time and time again to some sort of top-down structural rule, where, a dominant monarch or oligarchy, has actually been intentionally looked for and permitted to oversee a ‘brand-new’ governing structure stated to be better than the last. Thinking about that this mindset has forever won the day, and without exception, and has permanently failed without end, it should be seen as indisputable, that the people themselves have willingly accepted their own servitude, and for that reason are their own worst opponent, for they have never ever had the nerve to attain self-rule.

However things have actually dramatically changed, and are quickly weakening to such a severe level, as to cause the final failure of mankind; at least from any viewpoint of ever once again being able to obtain even the most remote possibility of private liberty. Due to the complete lack of inspiration and interest by the common man, to get and safeguard his own escape from enslavement to the State, the end of life as we understand it is at hand. The relentless drive for power and control over all by the few has lastly attained the tools necessary to complete its universal takeover of the minds and bodies of humanity at large.

Innovation has surpassed what was when considered reality, because the molding of male and device, the aggressive production of a transhuman society without conscience or ethical issue, is not only possible, but probable at this moment in time. This has actually been identified as the era of ‘expert system,’ (AI) and is nothing less than the preferred replacement of humans by non-human cogs in a wheel of a totalitarian technocratic guideline. The coming technocracy, if permitted to come to fulfillment, will lead to the extinction of guy through a psychological and physical rebooting of life itself. We are currently far along on the roadway to this technological dystopian nightmare, and many are still blind to the fantastic threat it poses to all of us.

Remarks from the most significant consultant to the wicked Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, (WEF) Yuval Noah Harari, are proper here, as understanding the intentions of those who look for to rule the world is crucial to discovering the strategies of these beasts, which they easily and honestly admit. He specifies in a WEF speech:

“The specifying formula of the 21st century is biological knowledge, increased by computer power, increased by data, equates to the capability to hack humans.”

“A system that understands us much better than we comprehend ourselves– can forecast our feelings and decisions– can control our feelings and choices– and can eventually make decisions for us.”

How exactly will the future masters of the world appear like? This will be decided by the people who own the information.”

“Human beings are now hackable animals.”

“We are most likely one of the last generations of Humankind, due to the fact that in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies, brains, and minds.”

“The whole concept that humans have this soul and spirit, and they have free will, and nobody knows what’s occurring inside me, so whatever I select, whether in the election, or whether in the grocery store, this is my free will; that’s over. Free will, that’s over!”

“Individuals could look back in 100 years and identify the corona infection epidemic as the moment when a brand-new program of surveillance took control of. Particularly surveillance under the skin, which I think is possibly the most crucial development of the 21st century– is the capability to hack people, to go under the skin, gather biometric data, analyze it, and comprehend individuals better than they comprehend themselves.” (Think about the bioweapon injections)

Now for the very first time in history, it is becoming feasible to monitor everyone all the time, not simply in what we do, however even what we feel.”

“Control of data may enable human elites to do something much more radical than simply develop digital dictatorships. By hacking organisms, elites might gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself.”

“Science is changing advancement by natural choice, with advancement by smart style. Not some intelligent style by some God above the clouds, but our smart style. And the smart style of our clouds: the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud, these are the brand-new driving forces of advancement. In the coming years, AI and biotechnology will offer us God-like abilities to re-engineer life and even to develop new life types.”

“We are actually getting Divine powers of production and damage. We are really upgrading humans into Gods.”

How did we get to this location? Why did the expected most smart creatures in the world enable the takeover of their minds and bodies at the hands of evil tyrants and rulers? Why have the masses of common humans deserted all obligation for their own liberty and survival? How have the effective couple of been able to control and manage over 330 million individuals in this nation, and 8 billion all over the world? Is all this simply due to technological ‘advances,’ or is it due to a total lack of interest of the cumulative mass in favor of a brain-dead, careless, and dependent existence?

AI innovation and none of its supporters, a minimum of those who want a world controlled by computers and so-called technocratic ‘elites,’ all seeing themselves as manmade gods, are feasible in any truly human society. AI produced humanoids are not and never will be sentient beings, and will always be artificial. This truth must be comprehended, if we are ever to regain our full human characteristics of love, compassion, strong ethical fiber, family, and nature, and live our lives to the maximum and most rewarding degree possible.

Liberty is not dead, and free choice needs to be restored completely if our lives are to remain whole, and retain a mindful awareness of the absolute beauty of this life.

“In some cases the worst beasts are just the people around us, pretending to care while baring their teeth.”

~ Kaida Nevemore

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