The Reality About Legacies

Ann Coulter

July 06, 2023

Source: Bigstock After an initial burst of indignation at the Supreme Court for handling the unpleasant job of notifying college admissions offices that race discrimination is unconstitutional, the media’s main focus rapidly moved to their preferred subject: blaming white males.

True, it was going to be challenging to turn a case finally ending 50 years of discrimination against whites into a story about how whites are oppressing blacks, but you do not understand our media. The reality that the complainants in this case were Asian didn’t even slow them down.

Within hours, everybody was discussing “traditions.” The children of alumni are obviously the ne plus ultra of brightness. The New York Times called them “white, rich and well-connected.” And that’s how “tradition” got in the vocabulary as an epithet for white guys, joining “frat kids,” “rich,” “privileged,” “Chads” and “lacrosse players.”

Sadly, similar to #BlackLivesMatter, this latest orgy of hatred for whites is going to wind up harming black people the most.

We have been assured that preferences for the children of alumni are exactly like racial preferences for blacks and Hispanics– except provided to whites. Therefore, Kenny Xu, among the plaintiffs in the affirmative action case, sneered that choices for traditions “disproportionately opportunity white candidates.” (These aren’t your allies, white individuals.)

Then, days after the decision was announced, race activists filed a grievance against Harvard for offering choice to the children of alumni, saying that tradition admissions have “nothing to do with an applicant’s merit” and were “an unreasonable and unearned advantage.”

Let’s look at how huge a “benefit” being a tradition really is.

“The Harvard study likewise discovered that the tradition choice is greatest for candidates with ideal SAT ratings.”

Comparing three choices given to college candidates– traditions, professional athletes and blacks/Hispanics– the children of alumni got the tiniest boost, according to a 2007 Princeton research study of 4,000 trainees entering 28 selective colleges in 1999. A majority of tradition admissions had SATs above their college’s average. Even those below the average were only slightly below it, 47 mention of a possible 1,600.

By contrast, 77% of blacks and Hispanics had ratings below their college’s average, and 70% of professional athletes did. Integrated, their average gap was 108 points.

A 2009 Harvard research study found that legacy applicants to the leading 30 most selective colleges had a mean rating 10 points greater on the reading SAT than non-legacy applicants and six points greater on the mathematics SAT.

About a years later on, Naviance, a college software application company, analyzed 15,402 legacy applications from 2014-17 and discovered that 82% of tradition candidates have SAT or ACT ratings at or above their colleges’ average for accepted students.

Obviously, the dumb kids of alumni do not trouble applying to their moms and dads’ schools, and the wise kids are pressured into using, even if their academic credentials are good enough to get them into a much better school.

The Harvard research study likewise found that the tradition choice is greatest for applicants with ideal SAT ratings. (In 2007, Harvard turned down more than a thousand candidates with best mathematics SAT scores; Princeton rejected thousands of students with perfect GPAs.)

For the past week, the media have bombarded us with information declaring precisely the opposite– that being a legacy gives a substantial advantage, comparable to that given to blacks and Hispanics merely for being black or Hispanic. You will discover that these claims never describe the “kids of alumni” in isolation. Traditions are invariably tossed in with other, completely various classifications, like “whose moms and dads donated money,” “athletes” or “children of university staff members.”


“The majority of colleges have actually long resisted removing a much-criticized admission practice: giving a boost to the kids of alumni, donors and professors.”– The New York Times, June 30, 2023

” [One] analysis discovered that 43% of Harvard’s white admits in 2019 were tradition trainees, recruited professional athletes, kids of professors and staff or were candidates connected with donors.”– U.S.A. Today Online, July 3, 2023

“The records exposed that 70% of Harvard’s donor-related and tradition candidates are white.”– The Associated Press, July 3, 2023

Grouping different things together can offer you any figure you want. Dozens of humans are eliminated every year by grizzly bears and Dachshunds.

The grizzly bear in these lists is “donor-related.”

I hold no brief for traditions, but I do understand that I.Q. is heritable, and the kids of alumni are in a wholly various category from the kids of big donors. One is Aage Bohr, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics 53 years after his dad, Niels, did. (They are amongst 7 parent/child Nobel winners in the sciences.)

The other is Jared Kushner, whose dad bought his kid’s method into Harvard, regardless of his not being from another location certified, as a “track 3” high school student. (By the way, Republicans, your outrage at Hunter Biden’s criminality would be more reliable if you ever discussed the $2 billion Jared received from the Saudis.)

If Harvard didn’t discriminate on the basis of race, instead of a trainee body that has to do with 43% white, 19% Asian, 11% black and 10% Hispanic, it would be 43% Asian, 38% white, 0.7% black, and 2.4% Hispanic, a 2013 study by the university discovered.

If Harvard didn’t discriminate in favor of traditions, the average SAT score of its undergrads would be lower, as some perfect-scoring alum kids go in other places.

As much fun as you’re having slamming whites, media, the boost provided to legacies is not in the very same universe as the preferences provided to black and Hispanic trainees. On the other hand, judging by Jared Kushner, the preference provided to the kids of big donors is every bit as humongous as the affirmative action “plus element,” but it would take the U.S. Marines to get colleges to cough up that details.

Ironically, eliminating choices for legacies will hurt black applicants the most. Remember that colleges have been giving massive racial preferences to black applicants given that the 1960s, which indicates we have more than half a century of black graduates whose kids and grandchildren are … guess what? Legacies!

Children of alums who got in to college on the basis of anything aside from merit, as a group, will tend to be less competent than the kids of alums who participated merit.

Eliminate the tradition choice, and it’s the kids of affirmative action alums who will not get in.

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