The Truth Behind the Bad Self Eater

My brother shared a link with me that has generated a lot of interest.  The site includes some beautiful music, very disturbing imagery, and a countdown to 5pm CST. This morning the site began playing part of a speech by JFK about a worldwide conspiracy (at the time he was referring to communism).

It’s a puzzle of sorts and that is always of interest.

At first glance I assumed it was clever marketing for a movie-and there is a premier tonight for American Horror Story-but others have commented that it is far too political and inflammatory to be the typical corporate campaign. The FB account tied to this page “Mr Teeth” has also been taken down, so that suggests FB isn’t happy with the content.

Another theory is it is a prelude to a Wikileaks type dump, but they’ve never bothered with anything like this before and it seems unnecessary.

Here’s what one observer wrote about the

BadSelfEater… someone or something “evil” or negative that lives to consume itself. An Ouroboros. The Red Dragon laying on top of Christian and American idols. All the symbology repeats the trope. Don’t Tread On Me we believe in but ignore and consume ourselves in material greed. All the symbology reinforces the basic concept presented. They don’t all mean something else in some grand thing. It’s only a few things.

We convince ourselves we are “free” while trading our lives for money to buy things to look successful. Without the money we are “poor” and without, starving, hated, deplored in society…. ignored and loathed. We strive for success, we give hours, days, weeks, and years to someone else for cash. Money so we can buy a BBQ grill and a flat screen TV to watch a football game on Sunday with our friends. Busting our asses for two days of “freedom”.

Inside a system where the very thing we exchange our existence for, money, is created out of thin air by banks and the federal reserve. To be truly free, that system must collapse. And even those people who are “awake” to it all still participate. This means the system will never come down through advocacy and awareness. It must be forced.

Also, once that system is collapsed and people go without for long enough, we will only then realize what’s truly important. Each Other. Only after a major event of cataclysmic scale will people change the system.

Governments will not go quietly. Economies will not relent. And in the transition there will be massive violence, death, destruction, misery. We HAVE to experience that as a civilization to move beyond the shackles of this system of slavery. It’s like an addict having to reach rock bottom to see the light. You or I cannot save them. They have to save themselves first. Yo know this first hand. And often times is the case they never see the light. Humanity must experience a traumatic emotional event on a global scale to really change. And with all the “sin” desensitization and exposure to “evil” in both entertainment and life.. it will take something major. Like how getting pancreatic cancer will scare someone right quick and get them focused. Humanity needs something like that too. Something that will affect every single living person.

We are, as a whole, blinded by ambition of attainment of wealth and celebrity. Entertained to direct us away from independence and growth, spiritually, religiously, humanely, whatever you want to call it. We are bad to each other in those pursuits. We collude, cheat, steal, mock, lie to get ahead.

We do it all because we need money. Something that’s a fraud. Money is fake. It’s made up and has no value other than what we place upon it as a whole. Not even a value we agree on, a value they tell us to agree on. Without it we will starve, lose our home and car and be looked at as a failure. They have trained us to chase the thing, the lie, the fraud, they create out of thin air… dollars. We need their invention, their creation, to achieve “freedom”. We have to give our labor to get what they create from the ether so we can then exchange that back to them for material stuff, shelter, food, safety and security. They create it, we work for it, and give it back to them and we think what we’ve bought with it is freedom and happiness and success.

We consume ourselves in pursuit of it. We consume each other in pursuit of it. And since we’re all the same, human… people, we each individually and collectively eat ourselves. We are the beast. We are Babylon. And the woman that represent that… the Whore of Babylon… Whore isn’t sexual, it’s allegory. It’s metaphor. The whore of babylon sells everything for money and power, lustfully.

The Beast Bills are an Anti-Symbol. They represent the Dollar for what it is. It’s like the glasses in They Live We see “legal tender” on a real bill. But what Mr. Teeth has created is what the real bill is.

There’s been some talk about them being a sort of get out of jail card. Like having one means you get a pass. It it were gorilla marketing I could see it being used as a ticket into a premier or something. But they’re jsut too spread out. No one from Poland is going to be able to get to LA or NYC for some event, even if it’s free. I think they are either utilitarian or symbolic. And I think you are right I think it will be electronic I think they’re going to try and hack the entire financial system Not Wall Street So the market being closed means nothing.

Banks are low staffed at the 0:00 time I think they might try to redistribute the wealth Take the sum. Set to zero. Evenly Divide, then deposit reset it’s on the bill Or one of the pictures RESET

There are some old videos, 2 years plus, that have the badselfeater tag some are anti establishment hacktivist groups not interested in waking people up only ripping down the system

The whole “you won’t be happy about it” when it happens bank accounts going to zero that’s my guess people will panic But the deal is, banks will not be able to foreclose on every single home owner in the country nor will they be able to roll back anything, I think it’ll all get wiped. The only people with an advantage will be those with cash on hand and maybe some bitcoin. Since the money is fake and it’s all pretty much data now, it’s just a matter of reassigning the numbers.

Anyway, check it out and report back on what you think is going to happen in a little over six hours, and your analysis of the marketing/PR strategy behind this.

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