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The World ‘Economic’ Online forum’s Cyber Polygon ‘Simulation’ (Coming Reality) Begins Tomorrow

By: Gary D. Barnett

If you want to know the near-term future, watch closely as Klaus Schwab and the WEF predict their next plot to harm, make dependent, starve, murder, and manage all of us. This year’s Cyber Polygon occasion is simply a way to desensitize this population so that the coming dreadful strategies of the ‘master’ class can be accomplished with little resistance. So far over the previous sixteen months, the controlling component of society has actually had its method with individuals, so now this phony “Covid’ pandemic conspiracy, outlined and implemented by the state, will enter into high gear for a last push to control the bulk of this population.

Two months back, I made these declarations about the coming cyber terror at the hands of the state:

We are now in the midst of what can be described as a ‘pandemic’ tsunami. Wave after wave of produced dangers are coming. These will remain in numerous kinds, from the so-called ‘Covid versions,’ to runaway inflation, to targeted uprisings, to disasters blamed on climate change; all of course based strictly on worry. Simply as Event 201 was utilized to alert of the outlined coming fake ‘Covid pandemic’ lie, the next staged occasion that is foretelling the known future will be Cyber Polygon 2021 set to be hung on July 9th, which is less than 2 months away. Given the history of the ‘Covid’ scam, does this mean that the major organized cyber attacks that will shut down this country will happen in August or September? There is no other way to be positive, but I believe it is more likely than not that these events will be ongoing this summertime and fall.

There have been a number of claimed ‘cyber attacks’ over the past few months, all in preparation for the coming cyber occasion long-planned by the WEF. This occasion will be utilized to solidify in the minds of a very weak public coming attacks versus this citizenry implied to as soon as again instill excellent fear in the masses. The heavily marketed state forecasts of cyber attacks and terror have actually been deliberately prepared in order to soften resistance by flooding the minds of the numerous with the ‘possible’ (probable) future that awaits them. When it in fact takes place in the type of false flag attacks constructed by the powerful amongst us, the people will already be expecting this, and will most likely believe that the state’s cautions about these precise events were suggested to help them prepare, when all along it was just a brainwashing scheme by the extremely opponent that now seeks to dominate them.

Understand that this fall and winter will be utilized to advance the state’s agenda of total power and control over all of us, and that all stops will be gotten rid of in order to gain more control than ever before. As I have said over and over once again, nothing takes place unintentionally, naturally, or by consequence; everything is prepared beforehand and committed at the time of least resistance by the individuals. This time is no various, however this time might be the most lethal as numerous unfavorable events will happen simultaneously. These will include much harm, illness, hunger, brand-new lockdowns, and death due to numerous elements, not the least of which will be triggered by this extremely poisonous, dangerous, and fatal bioweapon wrongly called the ‘Covid vaccine.’

In the exact same article sited above, I added a few of the other risks in the quote below:

In addition to energy shutdowns blamed on cyber attacks, expect other attacks that will impact supply lines across the country worrying food circulation, fuel delivery, medical supply delivery, building supply scarcities, and the resulting disturbance of all transportation modes that are vital in delivering life-sustaining goods throughout the nation.

Without mass resistance, the planned shift to a servant society will continue for years to come, but what is can be found in the near-term will be the equivalent of a fourth quarter push to break the back of society to such an extent as to leave most of the population defenseless in the face of an enormous attack against us, and prepare the public at big so that overall reliance on the state will seem to be the only way out.

Do not be tricked by this tactic, because it is all a lie based upon the presumption that the American population will tremble and succumb to state propaganda, and be reduced to overall submission. This is what your accepted master’s expect, and they will never ever relent up until this state of obedience is achieved.

A transformation of awareness is definitely necessary in order to fend off this war against the people by this evil state. Rebel, disobey, and ignore this governing system, and take back the liberty that is our natural right.


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