There Is no Limit to State Power, and There Never ever Has Been!

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Winston Smith: Does Big Bro exist?O’Brien: Obviously he exists.Winston Smith: Does he exist like you or me?O ‘Brien: You do not exist.” ~ George Orwell, 1984 From the time of birth

, Americans have actually been swamped(indoctrinated– persuaded)to believe that they live in

a totally free country, which the reason for this rests on the idea that the United States was ‘founded ‘on the concept of a’limited federal government,’where the State is greatly limited in its power. Fiction at this level lives just in the most severe dream, and can only be propagated successfully if the whole population is taken into a kind of mystical hypnotic trance where critical thinking is completely missing. This did not take place recently, it has always been the case in every government in the world because the beginning of what is wrongly described as ‘civilization.’I ought to beginning my remarks for those who still cling to the outrageous idea that federal government can be good-hearted, limited, limited, which any federal government file

called a constitution, has anything whatsoever to do with rights or liberty. It definitely does not. The State as a political structure is based on fear, force, terror, and power gain, and absolutely nothing else. The concept of flexibility is based exclusively on the premise that no male has any right to rule over any other. All federal government remains in direct contradiction of this facility, and for that reason it is the antithesis of liberty, not its creator or protector. Every element of the wrongly claimed’ founding, ‘was and is a depend on my estimate. This declaration will anger most, and what that exposes, is that people’s desires (emotions) surpass reason and logic, and trigger overall confusion concerning what are the actual rights of male. The natural rights of man are inherent; they do not originate from the sky or paradises, nor any federal government, as every one of us as a distinct person, is born with a right to live, a right to life. All other rights spring from this clear assumption, despite those who believe otherwise, or who declare that male has no rights at all. Because each individual has a right to his life, it stands to factor that he has every right to protect his life. In addition, he has every right to sustain his life, which shows that he has a right to work, to prosper, to provide his every requirement, which causes his right to residential or commercial property, and all the fruits of his labor. Every person has a right to do whatever is required in order to sustain, safeguard, and continue his life, so long as he does not aggress or infringe on the exact same rights due all other individuals. This demands the understanding that there is no such thing as a cumulative right, which is a government rip-off used to deceive the herd in order to manage what are incorrectly referred to

as’societies.’Because every male is an unique individual, there are only groups of individuals, not cumulative’societies. ‘This causes the reality that nobody has any right to take the home of one to benefit another or any State. For that reason, there is no right to be fed, housed, or supported, no right to medical or health care, no right for State retirement, no right to basic earnings, no right to universal defense, no right to universal facilities, no right to any’welfare ‘by the State, and on and on. There are no ‘social’ rights whatsoever, there are no paranormal rights; for if these unfounded magical rights were to exist, the individual would cease to exist, and no right for any man could then exist. In truth, if any so-called’social’rights exist, it would require the slavery of all in order to sustain by force and violence the lives of those unwilling to be accountable for themselves. This would negate every right of every man. This is why any constitution created and prepared by government is definitely useless if the real rights of man are considered. In truth, the extremely idea of constitutions released by the State is ridiculous, and based upon deceptiveness. The single concept alone, that federal government(The State) can provide, specify, or safeguard rights, is asinine, for if the State might do so, it might just as quickly take all rights away at its whim, which it has actually done, regardless of the most idiotic idea that government might ever define human rights in the very first location. They are natural, and for that reason can not be questioned. This is little understood by this largely dumbed down and indoctrinated population. The gentility, and the State, and all federal governments, have however one agenda, which is to rule. In order to rule, the State should seek overall power, therefore it will never limit itself, or restrict its own ability to amass

control over its’declared ‘area, or that of other states and nations. Pieces of parchment can not limit federal government, it can just improve its capability to trick individuals into thinking a lie, and for that reason pulling down their guard in the face of extreme tyranny. The irreversible objective of all States, is to get more power, so getting rid of all limits and limitations on its powers is the ultimate goal. This has always been, and constantly will be, so if genuine liberty is sought for the person, the State can never be allowed to have any power over any person. This is why all states out there are structured as single entities, seen to be populated only by collective crowds, all managed by a political monopoly. This allows for all to be considered as single systems, instead of areas populated by people.

This is just a dish for mass control. Towns, cities, counties, states, and nations, are a plot to collectivize all individuals, so that the person is made impotent, and damaged in favor of the group. This is merely a control mechanism indicated to prevent the power of the individual; this because to accept the person, is to abandon all federal government. This brief essay is suggested to clarify the fundamental tenets of real freedom of the person, instead of the evil power of the State. It is based upon the ideas of good sense, logic, factor ethics, morality, and reality. The State has no limitations, and might not endure if that were not the case. Since all government is based on force and compliance, it is difficult for the presence of any State to exist together with the person, his natural rights, and freedom. Quotes by Ayn Rand: “A federal government is the most hazardous hazard to male’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on making use of physical force versus legally disarmed victims.””The tiniest minority on earth is the person.

those who deny specific rights can not claim to be protectors of minorities.” “Liberty( n.): To ask nothing. To expect absolutely nothing. To depend on nothing.”_________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © 2023 Approval to reprint in entire or in part is happily given, supplied complete credit is


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