They’re lying to us

Have you noticed that in the past five years the news media has been more and more dishonest, to the point of outright lies? Have you noticed that the news no longer gives you the straight dope – even during times of emergency?

Want to know what the last outpost of true information is? RADIO.

That’s right, the thing great-grandpa used to listen to….

All over the United States, tons of mom and pop radio stations are run 24/7 by good old fashioned broadcasters, not media conglomerates. During emergencies, these small radio stations tell you the news like it is, because they are recording live with no edit button and these broadcasters are a part of their communities.

So during an emergency, you need a radio.

And not just any radio will do – the radio in your car isn’t sensitive enough for small, low-power radio stations and don’t even think of internet radio, which will be down the second disaster strikes.

What you need is a RASR – the revolutionary Rapid Alert Survival Radio.

Developed by Spekter Tactical the RASR is a revolutionary kind of radio that uses no batteries and relies on the sun – and a hand crank – for a full charge.

One minute of hand cranking gives a day of radio power!

Oh, and the RASR also charges your cell phone or other USB devices, so while everyone else is floundering without information, you’ll be getting yours loud and clear!

Spekter Tactical is currently having a half-price sale on the Rapid Alert Survival Radio – click here to check it out!

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