This pro-mask “study” is why you ought to NEVER “Trust the Science”

Kit Knightly

Recently it was reported that the Australian state of Victoria might be thinking about”permanent”facemask requireds to attain”zero-Covid”. Now, we do not require to enter into the personal liberty ramifications of such a law, or the near-infinite supply of proof that masks don’t work to prevent the transmission of respiratory disease. They do not work, they never worked. Mandating them was a political move developed to make the phony Covid”pandemic” appear genuine, and their continued usage is a sign of brainwashing or a spin-off of chronic virtue signaling. The mask debate, such as it was, is over. No, the only aspect of this development worth talking about is the”proof “used to support the position– and trust me, the quotes are completely justified. The” study”which claims to show the benefits

of permanent masking was published in the Medical Journal of Australia last week and titled “Consistent mask usage and SARS‐CoV‐2 epidemiology: a simulation modelling research study”.”Simulation modelling study “is quite the essential phrase there. For those who don’t understand,” simulation modelling studies”involve feeding data into a computer system program, then asking it to form conclusions. Clearly, they are only as reputable and helpful as the information you use. In fact, you can really quickly make them produce any outcome you desire by feeding in the”ideal”( bad)data. In this specific modelling study they began

out by informing the computer that cloth masks lower transmission by 53%and respirators lowered it by 80%: Chances ratios for the relative danger of infection for individuals exposed to a contaminated person(using a mask v not using a mask)were set at 0.47 for fabric and surgical masks and 0.20 for respirators Essentially, they informed their computer that masks avoid illness … and after that stated”ok, computer system, given that you now understand masks avoid

illness– what would take place if everybody wore them all the time?”The computer then informed them– obviously– that no one would get ill. Due to the fact that they made it rationally impossible for it

to state anything else. But there’s a bit more to it. The next layer of interest is where they got their input information from. After all there have actually been dozens of studies done on masks throughout the years, 98%of which say masks do not work.

So, did our men they select a peer-reviewed real-time control trial relying on lab-tested double-blind results? Possibly one of the lots approximately such trials noted in our 40 facts post!.?.!? Did they perhaps balance the outcomes of

multiple research studies? No, they utilized a phone study. One phone survey. This phone survey, released in 2015 and conducted in late 2021. In this * ahem *” clinical study”, they had

people randomly phone those who

had just recently been tested for” Covid”, ask “did you use a mask?”and after that

released the conclusion–“masks minimize transmission by 53%”– as if they meant something. Surprisingly, if you scroll down

to the” affiliations”section you can see that one of the authors is a Pfizer grant recipient. Rather more troublingly– and for some factor not pointed out as a conflict of interest– is that the whole study was produced by the California Board of Public Health. California had currently had a mask mandate in location for nearly a year prior to this”

study”was even begun. What we have here is not”science”it’s a

computer system design based upon the results of

a subjective phone survey

performed by a government firm with a vested interest. It is entirely

worthless, and yet is published in journals and pointed out by”professionals”, perhaps even used as the basis of introducing brand-new laws. This is how” The ScienceTM” works. And, although Covid has actually maybe opened many individuals’s eyes to this concern, it is far from unique to “Covid”.

You are just as most likely to discover this sort of “research” released on any topic– particularly those that serve a political function– and have

been for years if not years. Stanford Professor of evidence-based medication, John Ioannidis wrote a paper called”Why Most Published Research Study Findings Are False”, which was back in 2005. This has absolutely nothing to do with the”pandemic”,

and whatever to do with the difference between science and”The Science”. So let’s take a look at that difference.”Science”is a technique to the world. A rational technique for gathering details, evaluating new ideas and forming evidence-based conclusions.

“The Science “is a self-reliant market of academics who require tasks and owe favours. An ongoing quid professional quo relationship in between the researchers– who want honors and knighthoods and tenure and book deals and research grants and to be the popular talking head discussing complex concepts to the wide varieties on television– and the corporations, governments and “charitable foundations “who have all of those things in their gift. This system doesn’t produce research study planned to be read, it creates headings for celebs to tweet, links for”reporters”to embed, sources for other researchers to point out. An impression of strong substantiation

that comes apart the minute you really check out the words, take a look at the method or analyse the data. Self-reporting surveys, manipulated information,”modelling studies”that spit-out pre-ordained outcomes. Affiliated-authors paid by the state or business interests to supply”evidence “that supports highly profitable or politically practical presumptions. This mask study is the perfect example of that. Interlacing layers of nothing created to produce the impression of something.

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