U.S. Wars Come Home to Roost

Coleen Rowley highlights the ever-growing list of domestic blowback occurrences.

It’s been six months since the Jan. 6 insurrection. However long before the public saw that mob scene in the Capitol, it was simple to forecast that the approaching inauguration would, regrettably, take place amid severe electoral polarization and civil discontent. Regular Americans had actually been turned versus each other, radicalizing some while leading to extraordinary firearm salesand significant spikes in deadly shootings and violencein U.S. cities.

Such discord was regularly stressed– and/or provoked– by (equally panic-stricken) cops wrongfully eliminating or utilizing excessive force on citizens. Even if we managed to prevent outright civil war, it was most likely we ‘d witness acts of domestic terrorism.

While the Democratic side of the nation (and its traditional media) still focus almost exclusively on white supremacy as the cause, and we have actually been told for years to blame Russian Facebook posts for “sowing discord,” it’s due time to also think about whether our perpetual wars abroad have finally and totally boomeranged back home.

The realities about such blowback from our decades-long growing of militarism speak for themselves. In a 2016 New York Timespiece, a sociology professor at George Washington University found that:

“… military veterans represent a disproportionate number of mass shooters. Veterans represent 13 percent of the adult population, but more than a 3rd of the adult wrongdoers of the 43 worst mass killings considering that 1984 had remained in the United States military. It is clear that, in the etiology of mass killings, military service is an important risk aspect.”

It might not be political correctness to likewise remember that Timothy McVeigh and John Muhammad both served as highly embellished Army sergeants in the first Gulf War. The previous bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Structure in 1995, eliminating 168 men, women and children and injuring more than 680 others– the largest act of “domestic terrorism” ever devoted.

The latter, better referred to as the “D.C. Sniper,” eliminated 10 random individuals (and wounded numerous others) in 2002 around the Washington, D.C., area. But lots of have actually long connected the dots.

Mentioning his experience in Kuwait in an interview before his execution, McVeigh statedhe ‘d beheaded an Iraqi soldier with a blast from his armored car’s 25mm cannon, then celebrated.

‘Highway of Death’

His barracks roommate remembered McVeigh snapping numerous photographs of dead Iraqis during the war. The future domestic bomber declaredhe had actually been purchased to carry out giving up detainees, and was shockedby the sight of carnage on the Iraqi Army’s retreat route out of the Kuwait– infamously dubbed the “Highway of Death” after U.S. air strikes ravaged clogged convoys of running away opponent vehicles and soldiers.

April 18, 1991: Demolished automobiles line Highway 80, also known as the”Highway of Death,”the path of Iraqi forces retreating from Kuwait throughout Operation Desert Storm. (Joe Coleman, Flying Force Magazine, Wikimedia Commons)

More modern examples consist of Afghan War veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, who, in the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement considering that the September 2001 attacks, assailedand shot dead 5 policemans in Dallas in 2016, injuring nine others, in addition to 2 civilians.

In the summer season of 2020, Flying force policeman Steven Carillo was charged with the shooting deathsof a sheriff’s deputy and a federal security officer in Oakland, California. In addition, former Marines were chargedin separate plots to kidnap Michigan Guv Whitmer and to storm the Michigan Capitol and fire up a “civil war.”

Armed protesters, angry at the Covid-19 lockdown, in Michigan specify capitol on Might 1, 2020.(YouTube screenshot)

Lastly, a couple of days after Christmas 2020, a U.S. Army unique forces sergeant was chargedwith gunning down six people in a random attack at an Illinois bowling-alley bar, killing 3 and blasting a 14-year-old young boy in the face.

Unfortunately, this partial listing of war blowback simply continues to grow ever longer. In November of this year, prosecutors charged a group of neo-Nazi, ex- and existing Militarieswho wanted to produce a “modern-day SS” with conspiracy to smuggle guns.

Most just recently, various former military officers and veterans have actually been charged with criminal offenses including the Capitol takeover. The FBI even needed to try to rapidly vet National Guard members assigned to the governmental inauguration. Such events are lastly triggering alarm bells within the Department of Defense.

Yet rather of acknowledging the intrinsic issue of our war culture and military brainwashing strategies designed to produce killers, the DOD reportpoints only to the influence of domestic extremist and hate groups.

‘Bring ’em House’

There’s only a lot psychologists and other specialists can do after an individual has been put into the stress of kill or be killed. To return to civilian life after that and have people who haven’t a hint, who do not care a bit, give them the false “thank you for your service” is a type of damage that transcends PTSD and “moral injury.”

The all-volunteer armed force is in effect a mercenary force, very various from the Second World War and earlier wars which “prepared” men like my friend’s dad, a small Minnesota town grocer who arrived at Normandy and fought in the Fight of the Bulge. Military authorities found that many draftees didn’t ever, even try to shoot the enemy. The military revamped its “killology” training (and likewise spread it to police) to get rid of such natural hesitation when they learned that many draftees never ever attempted to eliminate somebody else.

However as Pete Seeger sings in “Bring ’em House”, you ‘d discover him (even the peaceniks) out on the cutting edge if an opponent “attacked this land of mine.” But recruiting and making militarist killers kill individuals in foreign nations is something else.

The U.S. long ago gravitated to expert mercenary forces to combat illegal wars of aggressiveness as part of its “remarkable dream” establishing Pax America, or in other words, world dominance.

Much deeper Blowback The dark paradox is that the U.S. military capitalizedon this violent “gaming” culture to facilitate recruitment for America’s “all volunteer” force.

Moreover, Hollywood’s glamorization of war, nonstop media praise lavished upon “American Sniper” type heroes, plus “flyovers” and other ostentatious nationalistic sporting event spectacles apply an effective force not only filling the ranks of uniformed recruits, but likewise activating “wannabe warriors” to snap or to flock to paramilitary militias.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial on the former website of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, ruined in the 1995 battle; 168 empty chairs in the foreground represent those killed in the domestic terrorism attack. (Ken Lund, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Lionizing foreign and domestic wars contributed to the advancement and appeal of “warrior training” for law enforcement officer. Officers who delighted in driving their military-surplus tanks around town or who took a trip to Israel to find out how the IDF deals with domestic (Palestinian) “terrorism,” naturally came to relate their workplaces to battle zone, and those they serve to foreign “opponents.”

Authorities hence gravitated to more usage of extreme force and looser “law of war” standards for applying fatal force, which is often justified as “civilian casualties” due to the “fog of war.” There’s just one problem: the “killology” often endured in war is not permitted under the Constitution.

This author warned just days before America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, in a piece releasedin The New York City Times, that this really thing would transpire.

Although stunned news reporters will usually claim that bewildered authorities are “seeking an intention” for the next awful, senseless break outs of domestic killing, the horrible internal cost of our forever wars must by now be glaringly obvious to everyone.


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