Why Are So-Called ‘Anti-State’ Types Still Supporting the State and the Politicians Who Desire to Rule?

By: Gary D. Barnett

“He had just about enough intelligence to open his mouth when he wanted to consume, but certainly no more.”

~ P.G. Wodehouse

As soon as once again, I discover it needed to write about the madness of so-called freedom fans (or anybody else) who voluntarily choose to continue to promote politicians for political office, as if keeping this abhorrent and wicked system alive in the ‘hope’ that it will work this time around, is a practical choice. Every single election draws out expected anti-state individuals and groups, baffling for their prospect(s) of option, without ever as soon as thinking about that the entire system is not only flawed beyond creativity, however is, and has always been, and by design, managed, corrupt, and criminal since the very start. Picking a brand-new master in an ocean of federal government scum, will never ever lead to freedom and success, as the issue is not who rules, but that rule exists at all.

It is completely apparent that politicians, the majority of all politicians, are either completely managed, or are willing accomplices in criminal offenses versus mankind. If that was not so, things would not have gotten worse incessantly throughout all of time, regardless of which worthless trimmer got ‘elected’ (chosen) in these make-believe and deceitful ‘elections.’ Despite party affiliation or rhetoric, any elected political leader is agreeing to maintain abhorrent State ‘laws,’ consisting of the government-created Constitution, which is an assault versus natural rights and liberty. Voting is a fool’s game, and is only allowed order to deceive the weak of mind into thinking they are controlling their own fate. Anybody who still believes such nonsense, is a totally lost soul.

I always consider electing a ‘master’ asinine, however I do not anticipate those declaring to be anti-state to fall for such nonsense. It matters not who is ‘elected,’ as it is the system that is rotten, so just replacing one politician with another can never bring a great outcome. The abolishment of government, or at least, the elimination of all power to manage or restrict, is essential if liberty is to exist.

The primary focus of this rant is directed at those declaring to be conservative, ‘liberal,’ independent, or libertarian, who continue to support and promote this governing system by advocating the choosing of various candidates working within the extremely exact same flawed, deceitful, and horrendous system, that brought us this severe tyranny in the first location. It is as if, whether innocently or by style, they believe that merely selecting a brand-new face will put out the fire of totalitarianism, while leaving in place a dominant master judgment cabal. This kind of illogical non-reasoning is typically based on blind hope, or on knowingly presenting this ridiculous alternative so regarding keep a corrupt agenda in location. In either case, it is constantly doomed to failure, and does nothing but perpetuate the enslavement of the masses.

There is no need to call names here, but as another ‘election’ cycle nears, a consistent circus for the entirety of history in this nation; an abomination versus any and all things gotten in touch with liberty, the wicked mainstream media, as well as most of the alternative media, immediately take sides to see which pre-chosen crooks will be in the video game. I constantly anticipate this type of habits from most political angles, however even those wrongly declaring to be versus the State likewise participate the party. Up until now this year, and the significant ‘elections’ are still 14 months away, declared anti-state types, including ‘libertarians,’ have jumped on board with lots of prospects, including republican politicians and democrats, lauding them as heros of liberty. This concept is too ridiculous to accept by any who genuinely comprehend the terrific evil of the State and its manipulative, corrupt, destructive, repellent, and immoral desires. Even if there is a ‘political leader’ who seems sincere, a near impossibility in reality, he could never ever work by working within this system of total polluted dishonesty called government; a system that has actually come a cropper to ever develop anything however terror.

It is as if, history, factor, logic, and truth, have actually been tossed away totally, neglecting all peace of mind, in order to commit the specific very same mistakes perpetually, while expecting a different result this time around. Given that this phony method has not only failed 100% of the time for eternity, but has likewise triggered around the world slaughter, murder, and financial destruction constantly, why is it so difficult for any sentient being to understand the reality that is that all government and rule is the issue and never the option?

I feel confident that my pleas for sanity concerning the misconception of willingly selecting one’s masters, will fall on mainly on deaf ears, as throughout my life time, and previously, this rubbish has been repeated advertisement infinitum, and the results have not just never altered for the much better, but have in fact intensified, until society has now permitted the fantastic possibility of everlasting human suffering and extinction.

There is truly absolutely nothing left to say, as practicing insanity as if it was a feasible alternative in order to accomplish freedom and knowledge, is soaked in gross stupidity so extreme, as to defy all manner of logical judgement and intelligence. To vote for rulers and federal government to handle your lives, with any expectation of getting self-reliance, is the epitome of confusion and ignorance.

There is however one big picture, and that is that the State is the mortal enemy of all that is good in this world. Perpetuating and supporting the lie that federal government is essential, that control by the few is genuine, that representative guideline is required, that self-reliance results in mayhem, which arbitrary laws implemented at the point of a gun somehow create harmony, is the epitome of a society consumed by irresponsibility, and one that seeks its own enslavement.

“For a minimum of 2 thirds of our sufferings spring from human stupidity, human malice and those fantastic motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing passion on behalf of spiritual or political idols”

~ Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. I: 1920-1925


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