Why Freeze-Drying May Be Just What Preppers Required

In the last few years, there’s been a great deal of buzz among preppers on social media about a new cooking area device. Individuals have wondered about whether it’s worth the price and how well it works for the average prepper.

A couple of months back, I started and purchased a house freeze clothes dryer. Now, I want to share my ideas on whether it’s an excellent financial investment and provide some fast suggestions to assist you with your journey towards food security.

I was at first reluctant to buy a freeze dryer, specifically thinking about the beginning price of $2,500 for a small model. This is a significant expenditure for the majority of households. With two kids and regular visitors at my location, I thought a medium-sized maker would be a much better fit, and so far, it has shown to be a wise choice.

The medium-sized freeze clothes dryer I bought features 4 stainless steel trays, each efficient in holding up to 2 pounds of food. You can typically find freeze dryers online at unique rates, or you may encounter industrial or pharmaceutical-grade makers for sale. However, for the average customer, the basic home range is the most ideal. You need to choose a machine based upon your cooking practices and household size. If you’re not utilized to preparing big amounts of food simultaneously, handling a huge device can be frustrating.

According to Harvest Right, with the medium-sized device, you can freeze-dry about 312 gallons of food annually. To put that in perspective, that’s comparable to 62 five-gallon buckets. Achieving this output is practical if you want to run food batches every day.

Finding Trustworthy Freeze-Drying Suggestions

Prior to you start into the world of freeze-drying, you might feel lured to sign up with social media groups to gather insights into the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. Nevertheless, I wish to suggest an alternative technique. Rather of diving into those groups, try to find a reliable YouTube channel committed to freeze-drying, and consider checking out Harvest Right’s authorities channel.

I personally advise against Facebook groups on this journey. Many of them can be discouraging, and you’ll typically experience harsh criticism for asking concerns that have already been attended to within the group. I myself signed up with a number of popular groups prior to buying my freeze-dryer, and the overwhelming number of complaints I came across almost convinced me to cancel my order.

As soon as I lastly made the investment, my anxiety about the problems discussed in these groups kept me from even turning on my freeze-dryer. I contemplated returning it for a while. In reality, I went 2 entire months without utilizing the gadget.

Eventually, I chose to provide it a shot prior to my guarantee ended. To my surprise, I found that every issue gone over thoroughly in those groups boiled down to user mistake. Throughout 18 months, my machine has actually worked perfectly, except for occasional temperature warnings, which was because of my utilizing it in an outdoor building.

Exploring Freeze-Drying Options

exploring freeze drying options

When it pertains to freeze-drying, the possibilities are extensive, with over 100 kinds of food that can be processed (leaving out dry goods). If you’re looking to freeze-dry meats, there’s a crucial tip: cut the fat. Foods rich in fats, high sugar content, and oils do not freeze-dry effectively, specifically for long-lasting storage.

The magic of freeze-drying lies in its ability to remove approximately 98% of the wetness from foods, guaranteeing the longest possible shelf-life while maintaining their original dietary value. Whether it’s cooked or raw foods, consume mixes, butter, eggs, or even indulgent treats like ice cream and yogurt, freeze-drying is a flexible technique.

Beyond the advantages for long-lasting food storage, freeze-drying can likewise open income opportunities. Numerous business owners have taken advantage of this by producing freeze-dried sweets like Milk Losers, Skittles, gummy worms, and Jolly Ranchers. These sweets can be transformed into crispy treats by applying heat under vacuum pressure, and they tend to offer extremely well at farmers markets and store shops.

Freeze-drying can be utilized to maintain a wide range of foods, including some unusual products that you may not right away consider. Here are a few examples of unconventional foods that can be freeze-dried:

Cheese: Cheese can be freeze-dried to produce crispy cheese snacks or utilized as a flavorful addition to soups and sauces.

Olives: Freeze-dried olives produce a special and delicious snack with a gratifying crunch.

Pumpkin: Freeze-dried pumpkin can be powdered and utilized to include a burst of flavor and nutrients to numerous meals, such as oatmeal or shakes.

Hummus: Freeze-dried hummus can be rehydrated to make a quick and practical dip or spread.

Pickles: Freeze-dried pickles keep their appetizing flavor and can be eaten as a crispy treat or rehydrated for sandwiches and salads.

Sauces and Gravies: Liquid sauces and gravies can be freeze-dried into hassle-free powder types, making them easy to shop and reconstitute for meals.

Marshmallows: Freeze-dried marshmallows are a popular option for including a sweet and crispy aspect to cereals, desserts, or hot cocoa.

Tofu: Freeze-dried tofu can be ground into a protein-rich powder that can be used in different recipes for added nutrition.

Sushi: Freeze-dried sushi active ingredients like seaweed and rice can be rehydrated for a special and portable treat.

Caviar: Freeze-dried caviar maintains its unique flavor and texture, making it an intriguing addition to premium meals.

Bear in mind that the quality of the final freeze-dried product may differ depending upon the food item and the particular freeze-drying procedure utilized. It’s constantly an excellent concept to experiment and see which unusual foods work best for your taste choices and culinary imagination.


Choosing an Ideal Location for Your Freeze Dryer When it concerns where you need to put your freeze dryer, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the best outcomes. First, think of sound. The maker itself has to do with as loud as a window a/c unit, but it gets a bit noisier when you add in the vacuum pump. So, it’s not something you ‘d wish to have in your living room while you’re enjoying a movie night.

Good areas for your freeze clothes dryer consist of basements, garages, or insulated spaces in different buildings. For instance, I produced a well-insulated space in a shed using 4 × 8 insulation panels. To keep it comfortable year-round, I installed a window a/c unit for the summertime and a space heating unit for the winter. Up until now, it’s worked perfectly with no problems.

Bear in mind that if you use the maker daily to procedure food, your electrical energy costs may increase by a few dollars monthly. In my rural area, where I run a few batches each week, I only saw a little increase in my monthly costs. The impact on your electricity expense depends on how frequently you’ll be using the device routinely.

Freeze Clothes Dryer Upkeep Simplified

When it concerns maintaining your freeze dryer, one of the crucial considerations is choosing the right air pump. In the freeze-drying community, this is a hot subject. When I purchased my device, I went for the fundamental pump, which indicated I needed to change the pump oil every four or 5 food cycles.

Changing the oil is a fast job, taking around a minute, and it didn’t feel like excessive of an inconvenience, particularly when I thought about the $700 I saved by not choosing an advanced pump at the time. Now, Harvest Right uses the premier pump as the standard choice, an upgrade from what I have.

The premier pump still requires routine oil changes, but it features advantages. It’s quieter and offers a wider variety of temperature settings, giving you more flexibility if you wish to use the device in a breezeway or garage. While pump oil can be a bit costly, fortunately is that you can filter and recycle it. Furthermore, there’s an oil-free pump offered, however it features a substantial $1,500 cost increase.

Practical Tips for Effective Freeze-Drying

practical tips for successful freeze drying

In the previous few months, we’ve gained valuable insights through experimentation in our freeze-drying adventures. Here are some uncomplicated suggestions to assist you get started on your own freeze-drying journey:

Control the Room Temperature level: To ensure your machine works efficiently, maintain a space temperature level between 45 ° F and 75 ° F. Depending on your area, you might need extra heating or air conditioning to keep the temperature level within this range. Severe temperature levels can hurt your vacuum pump and the maker itself.

Practice Food Safety: Keep your work area and tools clean and sterilized to preserve the freshness and security of your food. Prevent cross-contamination during food preparation and freeze-drying. Using precooked, homemade frozen food reduces the opportunities of typical concerns associated with home freeze-drying.

Stock Up on Products: Depending upon your food storage plans, you’ll require different sizes of oxygen absorbers and mylar bags. Dry canning is also an option. If you choose canning jars, use oxygen absorbers and safeguard the contents from light to maintain their nutritional worth.

Buy a Brita Filter Pitcher: This handy tool allows you to filter and reuse your pump oil indefinitely. Usage toilet tissue or coffee filters to block the filter tube of the Brita to separate oil from food debris and water trapped in the oil. Many educational videos online demonstrate this process.

Pre-Freeze Your Food: Accelerate the freeze-drying procedure and prevent messes in your maker by pre-freezing your food. Never blend frozen and unfrozen foods in the machine simultaneously, as it can cause surges and messy cleanups.

Minimize Costs: Freeze-dry leftovers, canned items, and foods nearing their expiration date to conserve money in the face of rising food costs.

One-Pot Meals: Simplify your freeze-drying routine by preparing one-pot meals in your slow cooker or crockpot daily. This method helps you rapidly develop your supply with household favorites.

Frequently Tidy Your Device: After a few cycles, clean your machine. It’s typical to find standing water with food particles at the back of the drying cylinder after defrosting. Utilizing a pump shim to somewhat elevate the front of your device throughout thawing can remove this problem, permitting thorough cleaning between runs.

Cook Bonus: Strategy to prepare extra parts of meals like steak, pizza, or baked potatoes. These additionals can go straight into the device, offering a plentiful supply for your household during emergency situations.

Keep It Simple: While you might discover software updates, hacks, and complex techniques in the world of freeze-drying, most of these are unneeded. Concentrate on simpleness, constructing your food supply, and enjoying the process. This method will also help you prevent accidentally damaging your maker.

A final word In a world where food expenses are gradually increasing, and supply chains can be less dependable, having a home freeze-dry device can considerably boost your food security and independence. It permits you to reduce food waste, protect your entire garden harvest, and shop a broader variety of scrumptious, healthy foods that you currently delight in for many years to come.

While a house freeze dryer isn’t the sole service for developing a rock-solid, long-lasting food supply, it’s a valuable tool in your toolbox. We’re thrilled with our decision to invest in a freeze clothes dryer for our household, and if you decide to make the very same choice, I believe you’ll be similarly satisfied with the benefits it brings to your food storage and general readiness.

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