10 Covid-Skeptic Memes to Get You Through the Day– Part 3

Kim Usbourne

Yes, you were hoping by some wonderful means this would all have blown over by now! Well, not to worry, while things might appear a bit crap sometimes, there is one thing we can do … take the royal piss out of this whole outrageous mess.

Without more ado, here’s another 10 covid-skeptic memes to keep you going:


It’s nearly as if the “vaccine” does not really do anything …

2. Maybe the Amish had the right idea all along? This one’s become a little a classic, as relevant now as ever!

3. The Oxford Dictionary specifies Science as “knowledge about the structure and behaviour of the natural and real world, based upon realities that you can show, for instance by experiments”. I anticipate they’ll be updating THAT meaning soon too …

4. Thanks to ‘popularity’for bringing this one to our attention BTL.

5. I believed the masks were totally meaningless, but it ends up they can be helpful if you have not got a note pad handy …

6. I wish to believe that Don Draper would be a good idea to all this baloney.

7. If you’re questioning if every meme compilation is going to feature illustrations by MadeByJimbob, then yes. They’re all method too best to neglect!

8. Ok, this one’s a bit bleak, but it’s not incorrect. Thank magumba for posting this in the comments.

9. Moving on from the depressing one, onto a charming message that we can all keep in mind!

10. So we had a couple of laughs, a downer, a soppy one, let’s end on something daft and amusing:

They’ve attempted to break us down with fear, but as long as we keep on laughing they can’t win that way.

That advises me a little bit of the Riddikulus spell from Harry Potter and the Detainee of Azkaban. And if that reviews your head, might I suggest checking out the books or viewing the motion pictures. A fantastic method to eliminate some time during any future lockdowns which might simply surface …

… since we all wish to prevent this (benefit meme!)

Although, on second thoughts, perhaps it ought to be retitled “4 phases of awakening”! And always remember:

Stay Strong > Stay Sane > Stay Awake

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