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Reproductive Privacy in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

By / July 8, 2022

By Sara Geoghegan, Law Fellow, and Dana Khabbaz, Law Fellow The recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization poses an unquestionable threat to the safety and privacy of abortion providers and patients alike. The right to make health related decisions free from commercial or government interference is inherent to one’s dignity […]


The Rise of Chinese Surveillance Technology in Africa

By / June 29, 2022

By Bulelani Jili, EPIC Scholar-in-Residence Many of China’s tech firms are now among the largest companies in the world. They offer numerous surveillance products initially designed for domestic use but now exported globally. The rise of China’s surveillance tech infrastructure has inspired much scrutiny of China’s behavior, research into potential consequences for domestic and international […]


PRESS RELEASE: Bipartisan Privacy Legislation Announced

By / June 15, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – A bipartisan group of Members of Congress today announced legislation aimed at improving Americans’ privacy and security online. Senator Roger Wicker [R-MS], House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone [D-NJ] and Ranking Member Cathy McMorris Rogers [R-WA] released the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. The legislation is expected to considered by […]


Playing Both Sides: Impact of Tech Industry on Early Federal AI Policy

By / April 1, 2022

By Ben Winters, EPIC Counsel This week, Politico’s Alex Thompson detailed the close relationship between the Biden administration’s Office of Science and Technology Policy and Schmidt Futures, the philanthropic initiative of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The links between Schmidt Futures and Biden’s OSTP add to the already significant influence of Schmidt, who is heavily […]


WRAL: Jobless in the pandemic? You may remain in a facial acknowledgment database.

By / March 1, 2022

By Travis Fain, state federal government press reporter At the height of the pandemic, as joblessness rose across the nation, tens of countless North Carolinians sent out photos of themselves to a private company– a brand-new state requirement to verify their identities– prior to they might get unemployment benefits. It was an emergency measure indicated […]


How CBP Uses Hacking Innovation to Browse International Travelers’ Phones

By / February 22, 2022

[]By Dana Khabbaz, Legendary Law Fellow []U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) continues to search tourists’ electronic devices at the border without a warrant despite years of advocacy from legendary and others requiring an end to this practice. CBP reports that in 2021, it carried out 37,450 searches of international tourists’ electronic devices. These gadgets […]


Ninth Circuit States Warrantless Search of Google Files Immediately Reported to Police Violated 4th Modification

By / September 21, 2021

LEGENDARY Amicus Filing Wilson Ninth Circuit Says Warrantless Browse of Google Files Immediately Reported to Police Violated Fourth Modification The Ninth Circuit announced today police broke a defendant’s Fourth Modification rights when they warrantlessly browsed files that Google automatically reported utilizing a proprietary algorithm designed to spot kid sexual assault material (“CSAM”). Prosecutors in the […]


Why the Federalists Hated the Bill of Rights

By / September 20, 2021

The Constitution had been ratified and was going into effect, and the next great question before the country was the spate of amendments which the Federalists had reluctantly agreed to recommend at the state conventions. Would they, as Madison and the other Federalists wanted, be quietly forgotten? The Antifederalists, particularly in Virginia and New York, […]


The Worldwide Minimum Corporate Tax Exposes the G-7’s Hypocrisy

By / July 3, 2021

Austrian school economic experts have long showed that monopolies just tend to form as a result of federal government intervention, and “natural monopolies” have practically never in fact existed. However, we are continuously informed by political and scholastic “professionals” that unregulated economies undoubtedly give rise to monopolies, organization trusts, and cartels, all of which they […]

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