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Taser Flashlight: Is it Worth It? Comparison & Review! (2022)

By / August 2, 2022

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! (Psst: The FTC wants me to remind you that this website contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase from a link you click on, I might receive a small commission. This does not increase the price […]


Review: Springfield Armory Operator 1911, by Pat Cascio

By / July 9, 2022

Like most folks who are really into firearms, I always want the best for the least amount of money. Needless to say, that rarely works out, and I have to settle for less – it is frustrating, as most “gunnies” will certainly agree with me. We aren’t rich, and we live paycheck-to-paycheck most months. And […]


Come and Get It

By jeffc / August 10, 2021

There’s nothing worse than another snowflake liberal on CNN telling you & I that we shouldn’t be allowed to have gun permits… Heck, they probably haven’t ever shot a gun before. But the sad part is, these are the people who are in charge of our country right now… And the only way to stand […]


Testers Wanted: VIPER Weapons Light [FREE]

By jeffc / August 6, 2021

I want to let you in on something… I just got an extra shipment of 500 of my Viper Weapon Lights… And I’m giving them away until I run out. This powerful, zoomable and detachable gun torch is perfect for your carbine, rifle, or even stashing with your home defense handgun. Hint, hint: This is […]


‘Cancel Culture’ nearly kills retired couple, are you next?

By jeffc / July 6, 2021

It was supposed to be the best time of their lives. Finally, they could reap the rewards of decades of hard work and raising their children to be bright, successful adults.. They could finally relax. Ahhhhhhh……. Or so they thought. That’s when a dozen masked and heavily armed gunmen exploded through the front door and […]


Close Quarters Battle

By jeffc / June 6, 2021

In the CIA, we were taught many valuable lessons when it came to close quarters battle, or CQB. From disarming an attacker within a few seconds… To taking out a violent gunman who’s holding your wife at gunpoint… The training I received was, without a doubt, life saving to say the least. Now, I’m going […]


Self-Defense Weapons That Are Illegal In Your State. Do You Have One Of Them?

By / May 3, 2021

Self-defense in this nation is a narrative that is hidden beneath the pressure of the cultural revolution. I can explain this pretty simply by giving you some simple statistics. According to a study by the National Firearms Sports Foundation, which surveyed manufacturers and dealers in the industry, showed nearly a 60% increase in firearms sales […]


FEMA Coffins?

By jeffc / March 10, 2021

This is disturbing…Recently leaked photos show that FEMA is stockpiling thousands upon thousands of plastic coffins… You can see them below — along with a reporter who snuck in to expose this story Who are these coffins for? Well, none of them have been used yet… So the answer is still a mystery. All we […]


10 WTSHTF Self-Defense Tips

By / July 4, 2019

Many of us believe ourselves to be prepared for the ‘end times’. But what happens when you discover that all your preparation was really for the textbook scenarios that don’t really play out in real life? What will you do when it’s life or death?


4 Lethal Weapons You Can Build Yourself

By / March 24, 2019

Guns have always been the go-to item for self-defense, and for good reason. No melee weapon can compare to a firearm. But what makes firearms very useful is that anyone can use them; men and women, both young and old, and if the situation ever calls for it, even children. Unfortunately, firearms aren’t always readily […]

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