FEMA Coffins?

This is disturbing…Recently leaked photos show that FEMA is stockpiling thousands upon thousands of plastic coffins…

You can see them below — along with a reporter who snuck in to expose this story

Who are these coffins for?

Well, none of them have been used yet…

So the answer is still a mystery.

All we know right now is that FEMA is preparing for a “mass scale death event.”

…much larger than what we’ve seen from the pandemic.

If you’re wondering what that event could be… this Military Insider believes he has the answer.

His name is Frank Mitchell, and he’s issuing a grim warning to Americans in his new book “Escaping Anarchy.”

Inside this shocking exposé, he explains the sad truth of why the Great American Experiment may soon come to a violent end…

More importantly…

He shows exactly what Americans and their families must do right now to prepare.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Due to 3 events from the past several weeks, I believe a serious collapse and “mass scale death event” may arrive even sooner than I originally predicted.

So to get this information into as many Americans’ hands as possible…

The $39.95 retail price is being temporarily waived — and a limited number of copies are being handed out Free.

However, at the time of this writing, I can only guarantee a Free copy to the next 137 people who request one.

After those copies are gone, your only choice may be to wait for more to be printed and sold and full retail price.

You can see if there’s still a Free copy available for you here.


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