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Awful news for all vaccine recipients

By jeffc / January 3, 2022

This is awful news for all vaccine recipients, But it’s not about side-effects or reactions… And it also has nothing to do with the Delta variant… Instead, this is about the fact that experts believe a second deadly virus is set to explode in the next 6-12 months. None of today’s vaccines will be effective […]


My rights don’t end where your feelings begin…

By jeffc / August 20, 2021

This is America… And those of us willing to think for ourselves know how and why we became a country. That’s right. We have the right to bear arms… To spit free speech like a beast… And to stir up libtard feelings like deer chilly over hot coals… And nothing gives you a bigger freedom boner than […]


A True Story of Survival

By jeffc / August 11, 2021

What I learned from 5 years off-grid in the woods with no running water, no grid electricity, no cell signal, etc. I left a $60,000 per year job in 2012 and moved onto 3 acres of steep hillside in about the most remote spot in the county. The nearest gas station was 5 miles away, […]


Come and Get It

By jeffc / August 10, 2021

There’s nothing worse than another snowflake liberal on CNN telling you & I that we shouldn’t be allowed to have gun permits… Heck, they probably haven’t ever shot a gun before. But the sad part is, these are the people who are in charge of our country right now… And the only way to stand […]


Free Portable Camping Lantern Available [Must See]

By jeffc / August 6, 2021

If you’re anything like me, the cooler temperatures of fall make for the perfect camping environment.  That’s why I thought this offer was so timely! This portable camping lantern is one of the most advanced we’ve created. Not only can it provide lighting, but it is also equipped with a strong motor fan to provide […]


Testers Wanted: VIPER Weapons Light [FREE]

By jeffc / August 6, 2021

I want to let you in on something… I just got an extra shipment of 500 of my Viper Weapon Lights… And I’m giving them away until I run out. This powerful, zoomable and detachable gun torch is perfect for your carbine, rifle, or even stashing with your home defense handgun. Hint, hint: This is […]


Free Range Targets!

By jeffc / August 1, 2021

I’m beta testing a new program that I want to include with all of my gun optics… It’s called “The Free Target Club” And guess what? It’s a club where I send you FREE Reactive Targets, so you can see your shots from far away…  FOR LIFE! No hidden fees… no subscription… and No BS! […]


They’re lying to us

By jeffc / July 26, 2021

Have you noticed that in the past five years the news media has been more and more dishonest, to the point of outright lies? Have you noticed that the news no longer gives you the straight dope – even during times of emergency? Want to know what the last outpost of true information is? RADIO. […]


Perfect for the homestead or the bug out bag

By jeffc / July 13, 2021

Did you know that it’s now possible to take the internet with you wherever you go this summer? Muama Ryoko is a pocket sized router that gives you insanely fast Wi-Fi connection anywhere you travel. This amazing device acts as a wireless modem by creating a Wi-Fi network around itself using 4G LTE. No more […]


‘Cancel Culture’ nearly kills retired couple, are you next?

By jeffc / July 6, 2021

It was supposed to be the best time of their lives. Finally, they could reap the rewards of decades of hard work and raising their children to be bright, successful adults.. They could finally relax. Ahhhhhhh……. Or so they thought. That’s when a dozen masked and heavily armed gunmen exploded through the front door and […]

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