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Why the Left Can’t Release Jan. 6

By Sophia I / July 27, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … Every Democrat of the committee has voted to impeach Trump for Jan. 6. Both of the Republicans Pelosi put on the committee to supply bipartisan balance– Wyoming’s Liz Cheney and Illinois’ Adam Kinzinger– voted to impeach Trump last January and are the 2 ranking anti-Trump Republicans on […]


JFK — Accept Our Diverse World as It Is

By Sophia I / July 23, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns… Kennedy was asking us to recognize that the world consists not only of democrats but also of autocrats, dictatorships, military regimes, monarchs and politburos, and the goal of U.S. foreign policy was not to convert them into political replicas of the USA.    Kennedy was willing to put […]


Why Can’t Biden Stop This Invasion?

By Sophia I / July 20, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … America utilized to regard its southern border as sacrosanct and susceptible, needing consistent watchfulness and periodic action to protect. And how is President Joe Biden handling his sworn governmental duty to protect the states of the Union from invasion? Short article IV of the Constitution addresses the […]


Is Biden Really the Lincoln of Our Time?

By Sophia I / July 16, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … Is Biden truly stating that small alterations in election laws, all of which would have to pass inspection with federal courts and the Supreme Court, represent an existential risk to our republic? This is beyond embellishment. It is outrageous. It is unreasonable. Taking A Trip to Philadelphia […]


Are the Success Over for Biden?

By Sophia I / July 13, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … If the Democratic Party enters into the election of 2022 defending Biden’s border failures, decrying rogue police officers rather than addressing the shootings and killings, and rationalizing inflation and rising interest rates as “not our fault,” the result would appear to be foreordained. Then there is […]


Is Afghanistan a Failed Mission?

By Sophia I / July 9, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … Fact be told, Afghanistan was never ever a vital interest of the United States however has constantly been the most valuable belongings of the Afghan individuals … There never ever was an important U.S. interest in Afghanistan worth a war of the cost in blood, treasure […]


As America Recedes, China Increases

By Sophia I / July 6, 2021

Nor was Chinese President Xi Jinping’s address on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Celebration an exercise in nuance. “We’ll never accept insufferably conceited lecturing from those ‘master instructors!’” said Xi, drawing a holler from the crowd of celebration members and veterans. Outfitted in a Mao match, Xi had other cautions […]


EU to Orban: Back Gay Rights or Get Out!

By Sophia I / July 2, 2021

What is the source of the morality that teaches same-sex unions are the equal of conventional marital relationship and any federal government that does not agree is a bigoted routine with which we ought not associate? Regard LBGT rights or get out of the EU, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte advised Hungary’s Viktor Orban at […]


Boris Johnson Defies Vladimir Putin’s Claim to Crimea

By Sophia I / June 29, 2021

Britain’s difficulty to Russia, a few kilometers off Crimea, might have resulted in a shooting incident that might have forced a U.S. action against Russia. And that raises some severe questions: … Did President Joe Biden or the Pentagon inform Johnson that if Defender were assaulted, U.S. forces would have their back? About that clash […]


The Return of ‘Order’

By Sophia I / June 25, 2021

To protect the security of poor neighborhoods, numerous components have always been needed: authorities to prevent crimes and arrest the crooks who devote them, district attorneys who will put them away, and jail cells to house them. This was the formula that broke the back of the long crime wave that started in the 1960s– […]

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