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The Sphere of Economic Calculation

By / August 19, 2022

1. The Character of Monetary Entries Economic calculation can comprehend everything that is exchanged against money. The prices of goods and services are either historical data describing past events or anticipations of probable future events. Information about a past price conveys the knowledge that one or several acts of interpersonal exchange were effected according to […]


Monetary Calculation as a Tool of Action

By / August 18, 2022

1. Monetary Calculation as a Method of Thinking Monetary calculation is the guiding star of action under the social system of division of labor. It is the compass of the man embarking upon production. He calculates in order to distinguish the remunerative lines of production from the unprofitable ones, those of which the sovereign consumers […]


Can We See the End of the World from Here? Will We Still Feel Fine?

By / August 16, 2022

For those of us who see the world’s glass as half empty, a book entitled The End of the World Is Just the Beginning makes the pulse race in anticipation. The author, Peter Zelhan, doesn’t disappoint. R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It, (and I Feel Fine)” comes to mind. Not to give […]


The Philosophy of the Pseudoprogressives

By / August 15, 2022

1. The Two Lines of Marxian Thought and Policies In all countries which have not openly adopted a policy of outright and all-around socialization the conduct of government affairs has been for many decades in the hands of statesmen and parties who style themselves “progressives” and scorn their opponents as “reactionaries.” These progressives become sometimes […]


Africa Needs Conventional Fuels, Not Windmills and Solar Panels

By / August 13, 2022

The energy and climate goals that Western governments, the United Nations, and other organizations are pushing on Africa constitute a crippling blow to its economies. As the least developed region, Africa should unequivocally prioritize economic development. One would think that amid energy poverty in Africa, Western governments and “development” institutions would prioritize energy security for […]


Thomas Piketty Wants to Bring Back Communism in the Guise of Democratic Socialism

By / August 12, 2022

Thomas PikettyA Brief History of EqualityHarvard University Press, 2022 Thomas Piketty’s Brief History is the fourth installment of his assault on economic inequality, following as it does the best-selling Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Capital and Ideology. The third, Time for Socialism: Dispatches from a World on Fire, 2016–2021, is just a collection of popular articles based on which the New […]


Economic Causes of War | Ludwig von Mises

By / August 11, 2022

War is a primitive human institution. From time immemorial, men were eager to fight, to kill, and to rob one another. However, the acknowledgment of this fact does not lead to the conclusion that war is an indispensable form of interpersonal relations and that the endeavors to abolish war are against nature and therefore doomed […]


The Agenda behind Climate Change Catastrophism

By / August 8, 2022

Democrats on Capitol Hill are pressuring the Biden administration to declare a climate emergency, voicing their doomsday predictions that without immediate action to curb and ultimately end our dependence on fossil fuels, “the planet” and, by implication, every living creature that inhabits it, will die. “If we don’t really begin to lower emissions, this planet […]


Why Are Some Baby Chicks Yellow and Others Aren’t

By / August 7, 2022

Sharing is caring! Chickens come in many different colors and patterns. While some of these colors are the result of genetic mutations, others are the result of selective breeding. Baby chicks are born with a yellow tint to their feathers. This is because of the yolk that they consume while in the egg. The yolk […]

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