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Mises University 2022

By Paul V / July 29, 2021

Austrian Economics Rooted in the custom of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises, along with Murray Rothbard and F.A. Hayek, the Austrian school uses a rigorous and sensible method to economics that gives free markets their due and takes complete account of the truth of human option. More than a field within economics, the Austrian […]


Why Capital Item Are the Secret to Economic Progress

By Paul V / July 28, 2021

[This post is excerpted from chapter 18 of Human Action] If one were to measure the length of the period of production spent in the fabrication of the different goods available now, one would need to trace back their history to the point at which the very first expenditure of initial aspects of production happened. […]


Secession and the Production of Defense

By Paul V / July 27, 2021

[Chapter 11 of The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production, edited by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Auburn, Ala.: Mises Institute, 2003), pp. 369–413.] Few people object to the private production of shoes or rock concerts. But almost everybody believes that certain goods cannot be produced on a purely voluntary basis. […]


European Unification as the New Frontier of Collectivism: The Case for Competitive Federalism and Polycentric Law

By Paul V / July 24, 2021

Frankfurt, Bremen, Hamburg, Luebeck are large and brilliant, and their impact on the prosperity of Germany is incalculable. Yet, would they remain what they are if they were to lose their independence and be incorporated?”— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe From the extent of our country, its diversified interests, different pursuits, and different habits, it is […]


Economy, Society, and History|Hans-Hermann Hoppe

By Paul V / July 23, 2021

In June 2004, Professor Hoppe checked out the Mises Institute in Auburn to deliver an enthusiastic series of lectures titled Economy, Society, and History. Over 10 lectures, one each early morning and afternoon for a week, Dr. Hoppe provided absolutely nothing short of a sweeping historic narrative and vision for a society rooted in markets […]


Historic Filters

By Paul V / July 19, 2021

In , needing long-established Latin churches to convert to Greek practice. Whenever he met resistance, he had these churches shut down. However his actions were not restricted to Latin churches: Byzantium had annexedmuch of Armenia in 1024. This had actually brought into the empire an Ancient Eastern church with customs various from those of the […]


The Fed States It Stabilizes the Economy. I’m Hesitant.

By Paul V / July 14, 2021

Before, during, and after the 2007– 09 monetary crisis, the masthead of the Federal Reserve Board’s primary webpage consisted of the following assertion right listed below its name at the top of the page: The Federal Reserve, the reserve bank of the United States, offers the country with a safe, flexible and steady monetary and […]

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