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6 Of The Best Gravity Water Filters (2023 Reviews and Comparison Table)

By / March 15, 2023

While I’m a big fan of squeeze and pump-type water filters, manually filtering water for a large group of people is a tedious, time-consuming task. It’s much better to let gravity do the work for you. But, because gravity filters are prone to clogging and bursting, the system you choose must be tried and tested. […]


7 Steps to Enjoy Winter Camping

By / February 23, 2023

Imagine this…you wake up in the morning to watch the sunrise over snow-covered trees and iced peaks. Your breath is visible, as you use your prepper prowess to start a roaring campfire. You cook breakfast over an open fire and take in its crackling and then the silence of the rest of your environment. Many […]


Are Back Up Sights Necessary?

By / February 10, 2023

You might have heard of backup iron sights (BUIS) but do not know what they initially do. You might already know but still need to figure out whether they’re worth it for you. What is a backup sight? The first question to answer is what is a backup sight for? As the name suggests, backup […]


Propane or Gas Generator: Which Should You Buy?

By / January 28, 2023

Preparedness has become front-page news. Weather-related disasters and man-made factors have made many of us more aware of the need to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Once we have planned for the “big three” – water, food, and shelter – our attention usually turns to power. For many, the question becomes which fuel is better: propane […]


Is Long-Term Camping a Realistic Option in a SHTF Scenario?

By / January 20, 2023

If you have ever gone camping, you’ve probably aware that there are many basic survival skills needed for outdoor living, such as learning how to start a fire, collect water, cook camping meals, build a campsite, dig a latrine, or catch a fish. Those survival skills will come in handy, especially if a SHTF (Sh!t […]


Campfire Cooking Kit – 13 Items You Need

By / December 29, 2022

The basics of my DIY campfire cooking kit. Reference this image for the products below. There is nothing quite like cooking over a fire. You don’t need a stove or grill. You just need dry firewood and a campfire cooking kit. With that you can fry, roast, steam, boil, or bake your food. I would […]


Road Nomads: How to Live in Your Vehicle and Survive

By / December 28, 2022

We are going to look at a topic that’s not talked about much on survival sites, but it’s something that we’ve wanted to cover for a while. We’ve touched on various aspects of living off the grid in an RV or trailer, but we haven’t talked much about the boondocking lifestyle or how one might […]


5 Best EDC Flashlights for Preppers

By / December 16, 2022

I saw a meme once that said something like, “If you’re counting on your cellphone flashlight after SHTF, you’re going to have a bad time.” The same sentiment carries over to your daily routine. Don’t count on tertiary convenience technology; cowboy up and start looking for the right tool for the task. Don’t leave home […]


30 Survival Uses for Ammo Cans

By / December 4, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links.* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read our affiliate policy. Estimated reading time: 14 minutes Do you have any ammo cans lying around? If so, you’re in luck – these little metal boxes can be used for a variety of purposes other than […]


Selecting A Proper Wilderness Campsite

By / November 16, 2022

Anyone who has ever slept under the stars will be familiar with the standard advice for selecting a wilderness campsite. When looking for a place to pitch a tent at the end of a long day in the outdoors, the recommendation is to look for a flat, stone-free area with dry ground. Guidebooks and experienced […]

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