A glance inside the UK’s “quarantine hotels”

Certified through Adobe Stock A short video was just recently brought to our attention on twitter. It shows a man and woman (off-camera) bring up to a chainlink fence around a concrete backyard and engaging in a brief discussion with a man on the other side.

The male is among a number of dozen individuals walking in slow, counter-clockwise circuits around what seems an un-used car park. He’s polite to the complete strangers, talking about how tight security is, how many guards there are on each flooring, and how typically they’re enabled outside for this “workout”.

At that point a guard turns up and tells the guy he’s not enabled to talk through the fence, and a brief argument ensues. The guard tells the people in the car that they can not speak with anyone inside the facility without permission from “the workplace”. After moments of insisting the guard desists, most likely to report the occurrence to his manager.

The couple in the cars and truck and the stranger behind the fence part on friendly terms, with the man remarking that he paid seventeen-hundred and fifty pounds to stay there.

Due to the fact that this isn’t a jail or detention facility, it’s a “quarantine hotel”.

You can view the video here:

[NOTE: This is a re-upload, with some discussion, from the channel Hugo Talks Some More. The original we have been not able to discover, it was most likely removed.(If you know a copy of the initial, or who filmed it, do let us know. We ‘d like to credit individuals who did the filming.] The quarantine hotels have actually remained in the mainstream media before, with the reporting focusing on them being costly, having dreadful food and being dull. However this little clip offers something worse than that– a little look of the dehumanising nature of detention. The mission-creep of arbitrary rules, enforced to the letter by people either too oblivious to understand much better or willingly malign, is an oft-repeated concept in human history. It never ever bodes well. It’s telling to contrast (as Hugo does at the end of the video)the grey structure– with its grey fence and grey lawn full of individuals grating in grey circles– with the recent G7 top in Cornwall. Not the main images of the G7, naturally, because those are all neatly staged and social distanced, however

the leaked images of the G7 barbecue. Quarantine “hotel”:< img src="https://off-guardian.org/wp-content/medialibrary/heathrow-quarantine-prisone-650x433.jpg?x51581" alt =""width ="650" height="433"/ >

G7 barbecue: Quarantine “hotel”: G7 barbecue: Notice the absence of social distancing. Observe the absence of masks(except for the lowly servants, naturally). And, obviously, not

among them had

to pay to be there at all

. In truth, we literally paid them an income to do it– and after that spent for the catering, alcohol and accommodation too. Do these”world leaders”look like people in the middle of a deadly pandemic to you? Do they look like individuals that honestly think they have a chance of catching a horrible disease? As one of our editors composed last summer season: When individuals providing us these orders do not follow them themselves, they are not showing themselves

to be “hypocrites”. They are revealing themselves to be phonies. They are confessing they do not actually think what they’re saying. Clearly, the guidelines of the” new normal”just apply to ordinary people. Which’s as sure an indication as any that it’s not now– and never ever was– really about”safeguarding”anyone. It was always about control.

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