A Great Idea for Rainwater Catchment

When I was a kid, we didn’t have city water. We had a cistern as many in our community did. However, our cistern was not so good, it was made of cinder block, leaked and had to be cleaned at least once a year. Also, instead of just collecting water we had to have water delivered. The guy who delivered the water simply went to the local fire department where there was a self serve city water filling station. Because our cistern was not so great, and clean, we only used the water for cooking and cleaning. Our drinking water came from a local spring where a couple of times a week, we filled old milk jugs for collection.

Things I despised as a kid I now find somewhat enjoyable. As I have gotten older, I understand the pride of putting in a days work and it actually makes you feel better. I may be tired, but mentally I feel like a productive citizen. I also now enjoy gardening and cutting wood. I know if the electricity goes out in the winter or the store shelves are empty, my wife and I can survive. In our community, there are a lot of people who still heat with wood and grow a garden. So I guess we aren’t really preppers, we are just average people living a lifestyle. Part of being self sufficient is having water. Where we live, we get a lot of rain. We do have some drought during late Spring to early Fall. But late Fall through early Spring offers a great opportunity to collect water. Fortunately, we also live in a state were collecting rainwater is legal.

My wife, being a horse lover, decided we needed a (continue reading)

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