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How Breakdown Cascades Into Collapse

By Daniel P / July 28, 2021

Maintaining the illusion of confidence, permanence and stability serves the interests of those benefiting from the bubbles and those who choose the security of the herd, even as the herd thunders towards the precipice. The misunderstanding that collapse is an all or nothing phenomenon prevails: Either the system rights itself with a little bit of […]


EU’s Roma Feel Betrayed by Silence on Czech Killing

By Daniel P / July 27, 2021

By Elena SÁNCHEZ NICOLÁS Roma neighborhood members have called on EU leaders to speak up against the harsh death of Romani guy Stanislav Tomáš in the Czech Republic last month, offered its parallels with to the killing of George Floyd in the US. Video footageof his arrest, which went viral on social media, shows a […]


U.S. ‘Objective Accomplished’ in Afghanistan … and Other Fantasies

By Daniel P / July 26, 2021

Afghanistan is often described as the graveyard of empires. However in America’s case, it also dug its own tomb. Joe Biden, the 4th U.S. President to oversee the American war in Afghanistan, announced this week completion of that operation. He claimed with an impossibly straight face, “the United States did what we came to do […]


Big Tech: “Our Terms Have Changed”

By Daniel P / July 25, 2021

So proceed and state whatever you desire around all your networked gadgets, but don’t be shocked if bad things start taking place. I got another “Our Terms Have Changed” e-mail from a Huge Tech quasi-monopoly, and for a modification I really read this one. It was a revelation on several fronts. I’m reprinting it here […]


Have We Reached “Peak Self-Glorifying Billionaire”?

By Daniel P / July 24, 2021

Perhaps we need to update Marie Antoinette’s popular quip of cluelessness to: “Let them consume area tourist.” As billionaires waste enormous resources on self-glorifying space flights, the corporate media is nothing short of worshipful. Countless average citizens, on the other hand, want the self-glorifying billionaires had taken themselves and all the other parasitic, tax-avoiding, predatory […]


When Profitable “Saves” Become Permanent, Ruin Is Assured

By Daniel P / July 22, 2021

The Fed’s “choice” is as illusory as the “wealth” the Fed has created with its perfection of moral hazard. The belief that the Federal Reserve possesses god-like powers and knowledge would be funny if it wasn’t so deeply awful, for the Fed doesn’t even have a plan, much less knowledge. All the Fed has is […]


Srebrenica– a Genocide Narrative That Is Running Out of Steam

By Daniel P / July 21, 2021

In the Balkans reality generally does not have a transcendent or ontological measurement, it tends to be simply tribal. July 11 this year will mark the 26th anniversary of the tragic occasions that took place in 1995 in the east Bosnian district of Srebrenica. With each passing year the event loses a few of its […]


America’s Two-Party System Is Doomed … Concern Is What Follows?

By Daniel P / July 20, 2021

In an interview with Finian Cunningham, professor Colin Cavell warns that the United States is on an unsafe cusp of emerging outright fascism– if a genuinely progressive democratic motion is not set in motion. The United States is facing a historical crisis from its own internal political authority crumbling, according to American government professor Colin […]


U.S. Wars Come Home to Roost

By Daniel P / July 19, 2021

Coleen Rowley highlights the ever-growing list of domestic blowback occurrences. It’s been six months since the Jan. 6 insurrection. However long before the public saw that mob scene in the Capitol, it was simple to forecast that the approaching inauguration would, regrettably, take place amid severe electoral polarization and civil discontent. Regular Americans had actually […]

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