Christians Can Escape ObamaCare

In a recent New York Times column, “Hooray for ObamaCare,” Paul Krugman tells us how successful the program has been.

“Start with the act’s most basic purpose, to cover the previously uninsured. Opponents of the law insisted that it would actually reduce coverage; in reality, around 15 million Americans have gained insurance.”

How did the government achieve its goal of increasing health insurance coverage? The same way the Corleone family achieved its goal of expanding olive oil distribution, or a gang member achieves his goal of getting your wallet.

When you file your tax return, you must inform the government how you are complying with the ObamaCare insurance requirement. If you decide not to get insurance, that’s no problem: just pay the greater of $975 for a family of 4, or 2% of your household income. That’s for 2015. A substantial increase is planned for 2016.

Health insurance is a decision each family must make for themselves. Relevant factors include (continue reading)

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