Doug Casey on How COVID Lockdowns Will Become Environment Lockdowns

International Male: It’s been over a year considering that the COVID lockdowns began, and they have actually established a horrible precedent.

The International Energy Firm (IEA) has actually provided what they call a “dire warning.” They say there will be a 5% increase in carbon emissions as global economies resume after the COVID shutdowns this year which it will be “anything but sustainable” for the environment. This indicates that the shutdowns have actually been good for the environment and that returning to regular is bad.

There has also been a flood of posts in the mainstream media advocating for using lockdowns to deal with so-called environment modification.

Do you think that the COVID lockdowns could become environment change lockdowns?

Doug Casey: Without exception, almost whatever they say in the above short article is either an obvious and deliberate lie or just factually incorrect. Things that are controversial at finest exist as incontrovertible realities.

Let me first reiterate a couple of facts about COVID.

It’s tough to be sure since whatever about it has become extremely politicized, however COVID itself seems no more severe than the Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Influenza, or Swine Flu that have come and gone in current years and is not even from another location comparable to the Spanish Influenza of 1918.

The numbers reveal that COVID is a risk for people over 70, the overweight, and the ill– but a medical non-problem for everybody else. That’s why the typical age of decedents is 80, despite the fact that it appears that everybody who dies with the virus in their system is reported as a statistic– even if they pass away of a car mishap or a heart attack. Individuals with no signs are, nonetheless, noted as “cases” if they stop working the extremely sensitive and extremely pricey PCR test.

We might ask: “What’s behind this crazy influenza hysteria– which is drastically restructuring the world’s political and financial landscapes? And why now?” It seems very oddly coincidental with a couple of other phenomena.

One is that the world is on the cusp of a fantastically devastating anxiety due to the crazy development of currency systems all over the world by reserve banks. Is the bogus COVID hysteria– and, yes, I believe it’s 80% phony– being utilized as an excuse for the coming collapse, a way to recuse those accountable for the insane economic policies causing the anxiety? To put it simply, is the COVID hysteria an artificially built force majeure used to sidetrack from the genuine reason for the Greater Depression?

Another phenomenon is that the COVID hysteria has shown an exceptional way to frighten the hell out of the public all over. Terrified people demand “strong” leaders and rigorous controls. It’s a blessing for the sort of individuals who enter into federal government, nervous for any reason to self-aggrandize and take more power. “Never let a severe crisis go to waste” has actually been an operating principle of powermongers given that Day One. And war is the most serious type of crisis. Do not forget what Randolf Bourne said in 1914: “War is the health of the State.” But a real war with a genuine enemy is constantly dangerous and may not always be practical. So powermongers create fake wars. In order to battle a war– any type of war– you require a State to arrange and legitimize it.

The very first significant fake war in living memory was Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty– the bad lost. Then came Richard Nixon’s war on drugs. Then, Baby Bush stated war on horror. They’re all still ongoing, however it seems time for a two-front war. A war on international warming integrated with a war on COVID will be ultra-effective for reproducing worry in Boobus americanus. They state international warming can destroy the planet and COVID can kill everyone. A sure-fire combination. They’re particular to get widespread support from the typical suspects.

As a bonus, there’s a very high connection in between those who support the COVID hysteria and those supporting the climate change program. And both of them claim to have a brand-new ally, “the science,” to offer the wars to terrified chimpanzees. Not just in the United States, however all over on the planet. These 2 brand-new wars will bring out the worst in everybody, everywhere.

When you remove their social veneer, the patina of civilization, you find that human beings are tribal. Put them in groups and they go back to the most affordable common measure– they imitate our anthropoid forefathers and loved ones. Get people excited, hooting and panting like chimps, and they’re anxious to wage war on something after another. Envision them as the anthropoids objecting to the watering hole in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Conflict gives them a sense of solidarity and gives their lives implying.

That’s specifically real of human beings with collectivist views, which is to state, Leftists and busybodies. In today’s world, they include the “woke,” social justice warriors, progressives, BLM advocates, Antifa, and, naturally, socialists, communists, Marxists, and all their travel companions. They’re all Puritans encouraged to manage other people. The Left has actually always been that method, although it periodically disguises itself as pro-freedom to seduce the ignorant.

For example, throughout the ’60s, the Left was pro-drugs. However that’s not due to the fact that they were for personal freedom or since they thought you have the right to do what you want with your own body. They were pro-drugs since prevalent and irresponsible substance abuse can damage civilization.

Even when the Left appears to have great objectives, it’s not the case. For instance, the Left was versus the Vietnam War. It wasn’t because they were anti-war, but due to the fact that the war was against their fellow communists. It was creative, in both cases showing up the Republicans as dim-witted, unethical, and hypocritical.

Today the Left, in its different versions, is all for the COVID lockdowns. Those will mutate into climate modification lockdowns. Both will act to jeopardize human flexibility– much more than previous phony wars. It’s ironic that the word “lockdown” utilized to be used primarily in jails– it’s rather indicative of where the world in basic and the US, in particular, are headed.

International Man: What are the chances climate lockdowns will work if and when governments try them?

Doug Casey: Climate modification lockdowns will work. Why should not they? COVID lockdowns worked incredibly. They’ll work even better since they’re not practically saving a few old, sick individuals however the planet itself. People have been persuaded into being green eco-warriors for years. The kids particularly deal with environment change and Greenism as a new religious beliefs and take it much more seriously than what’s left of Christianity. Yahweh is being changed by Gaia.

Individuals who can’t see that the wars on hardship, drugs, and horror were actually just foolish rip-offs are totally on board with new scams, the wars on the virus and climate modification. They’re the exact same people making the exact same bogus do-gooder arguments. The popularity of Greta Thunberg is a sign. She’s become an icon for the people who support this whole syndrome. It’s disturbing due to the fact that she’s so pathologically upset. Individuals do not care that she’s mildly psychotic, highly indoctrinated, and unreasonable. It suggests how abject society has actually become that an autistic and psychopathic teen can be a worldwide hero.

I think it’s a natural segue to go from COVID lockdowns to climate change lockdowns. Although the eco-warriors will ultimately see COVID as an advantage because they actually hate humans and would like to see Gaia cleansed of them.

As I have actually stated many times in the past, I see both COVID and Global Warming as greatly overblown manias. Viruses go viral; everybody gets them and ends up being immune. That’s the end of the story unless the virus is artificial and designated to choose the population. Anything is possible in a world where technology is advancing exponentially while ethics are entering reverse. Disallowing that, COVID will disappear. Naturally, they might come up with a COVID 2.0, COVID 3.0, and so on, as needed.

When It Comes To International Warming, nobody knows its degree of reality for sure– it’s all guesswork. But the threat of another glacial epoch is at least as great as continued international warming. The only thing for specific is that the public, propagandized by the elite, can’t keep anything in context.

The last ice age just concerned an end 12,000 years back. And the globe has actually been warming, basically, ever since. The general public is uninformed that there have actually been dozens of ice ages, lasting 50 to 100,000 years, throughout the Pleistocene duration. There’s no factor to believe that the one that ended 12,000 years back was the last one; we’re currently in an interglacial. Previous ice ages have lasted numerous countless years.

International Man: The Guardian recently ran a piece titled “Why Genghis Khan benefited the World.”

The short article states:

“His murderous Mongol armies was accountable for the massacre of as numerous as 40 million people. Even today, his name remains a byword for cruelty and horror. But young boy, was Genghis green.”

It seems to indicate that population decrease through mass murder was good for the planet. What are your ideas on this?

Doug Casey: That’s an excellent quote from the short article.

The abhorrent psychology of its author borders on the criminal. He goes on to say, “It’s an interesting idea, certainly”– implying that he really believes it may not be a bad concept to eliminate a meaningful portion of the population.

I hope he compromises himself for the environment, although that’s not likely because he likely considers himself one of the elite who must be protected because he’s ideologically pure and politically trustworthy.

These people have Pol Pot’s mental makeup. In Cambodia throughout the ’70s, anybody who wasn’t a manual worker with callused hands was liquidated– that’s what they did with approximately a quarter of the population.

Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao, as well as Genghis Kahn, are idols for these individuals due to the fact that they all think the very same method. They really dislike the human race. And individuals are so silly that they admire their destroyers. I have actually got news for them: Life is currently nasty, brutish, and short enough. We don’t require political wrongdoers making it worse.

International Male: The COVID hysteria has actually changed the method governments react to a genuine or manufactured global crisis. Now that this precedent has been developed, what do you see occurring next!.

?.!? Doug Casey: It’s forming up like the 1930s in Germany, when they led the way with a disastrous form of statism called National Socialism. It was practically as bad as Communism under Stalin– and it looks like the Germans may be doing it again. They have actually just passed a law the “Infection Security Act” instituting nightly restrictions, school closures, and stricter regulations for companies. COVID provides an outstanding cover and exceptional reason for the imposition of a police state. Remember that once these federal governments pass a law, they seldom ever rescind them. Those laws need to be financed with new taxes and enforced by new firms. The negative impact is cumulative and compounding.

International Guy: While the United States and other Western countries are devoting financial and cultural suicide, what do you believe will happen to nations like China, Russia, Brazil, and others? Will they follow the West or go their own ways?

Doug Casey: It’s tough to say what’s actually taking place in a lot of countries since the quality of news reporting is so abysmal. But the pattern is worldwide.

When it pertains to environment modification, these nations laugh at Westerners for their naivete, stupidity, and self-destructive tendencies. They do not take it seriously. It’s another reason the next century comes from China.

The same is true of Russia, which, for all of its faults, is essentially an anti-woke nation. It’s been said– correctly– that there are more communists in American universities than there are in all of Russia.

Regarding investment suggestions, I’m a lot more thinking about Chinese and East Asian stock exchange than in Western stock exchange. The exact same holds true of Russian and East European stock exchange due to the fact that they haven’t been contaminated by the virus of wokeism. They had a severe bout of it from the ’30s through the ’90s, and it’s provided some immunity. Plus, their markets aren’t in a bubble, like those in the US particularly. The nations that have actually hooked their cars and truck to the United States choo-choo train are going to review the cliff with the US.

It’s not as if China and Russia are models of intelligence and probity, however they’re acting even more intelligently than the United States.

Editor’s Note: We’ve seen governments institute the strictest controls on individuals and companies in history. It’s been a swift elimination of individual flexibilities.

But this is simply the start …

The majority of people don’t understand the dreadful things that could follow, consisting of unfavorable interest rates, the abolition of money, and much more.

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