Family Survival Guide: Finding Water in the Wild

Surviving in the wild is a no reality TV adventure. According to US stats, there have been a significant number of deaths related to being lost in the woods or wilderness. Family members, particularly, love to spend holidays nature trekking. But how do you find food and survive in a place where there are no faucets, department stores, or cell phone signals? If lost in the wilderness, what is your family survival guide? Are you even prepared?

For your family to survive in the wilderness, here are some practical tips you can use. Food is one of the most important and crucial areas to consider when out in the wilderness. In a practical wilderness family survival guide, hunting for something to eat is not difficult, but hunting for something hard to find is the most frustrating part. It is said that humans can live for three days without food. But three days without water is hard to imagine. So if you can’t find food, find water. The best thing to do is to go uphill. If you are out in the forests, there are plenty of water sources to get.

However, if you are stuck in a mass of rainforest trees, finding water may be very difficult. As part of this family survival guide in the wilderness, you must learn the art of finding water in the midst of trees. Clues of water presence are found in shelters and natural dips. If you are in the mountains, you will most likely find these features but if not, try to make it to the river banks. One very helpful family survival guide in looking for a river is to listen to the sound of the streams.

Riverbanks are usually flocked with a high density of trees and plants. If you are in the mountains, just trail down the slope. If you are in a National Park, you will easily find water sources because you will be given a map before the trek. That is why it is so utterly important to bring with you trekking gears like a compass. The second most important thing you need to set is fire. While it may still take a few days before you reach a camping site, it is best to keep you and your family member protected from the freezing coldness during nighttime. These are actually just the basics. Read books on family survival guide and learn lessons from those who survived being lost in the wilderness.

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