How to Disappear in Plain Sight

Unless you’re competing on American Idol, and I pray that you aren’t, blending in with the crowd is nearly always a better option than standing out.

The guy who blends in is less likely to be the target of a psychopath on a killing spree, a meth addict looking for someone to rob, or even that annoying MLM rep we all seem to run into at the coffee shop. By not making yourself an immediate target, you buy precious time to escape a bad situation. But blending doesn’t mean hiding in the back of the room tucked into a corner.

To blend in effectively, you need to be aware of your environment and the people in it, and do your best to mimic them. For example, while you might blend in quite well in a suit and tie at an office building, you would stand out in the same clothing on a football field. You’ll want to ensure that your clothing, activity, and mannerisms help you to virtually disappear rather than draw attention to yourself. (continue reading)

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