How to Limit Energy Usage and Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

How to Limit Energy Usage and Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Winter is almost here, and you want to make the most of the money that you spend on heating during winter. I’m going to teach you 7 energy efficient tips to keep your home warm while at the same time saving money.

  1. Insulation
  • Insulation is the most important element in your home for combating the cold, besides your heating unit of course. Having a properly insulated home will allow your home to be heated easier and faster, meaning your heating unit will have to run less, saving you money. Many attics are not insulated, and the heat that rises in your home will go up and straight outside through your attic. 
  1. Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Using energy efficient lights will save you money as well, especially during the holiday season. If you like to go all out with Christmas lights, energy efficient LED bulbs are probably a good idea. LEDs can use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent string lights, and they last much longer as well. They are also cool to the touch and much less likely to start a fire.
  1. Secure Windows and Doors
  • Making sure that your doors and windows are not letting cold air into the house is a very important step in ensuring energy efficient home heating. Replacing your windows and doors with energy efficient ones is an expensive fix, but it’s long term and near 100% effective. This not only helps keep heat in, but keeps the cold in during the summer. Using a long doorstop or using weather-stripping underneath your doors to prevent drafts could serve as inexpensive, short-term fixes. You can also caulk on any door or window-related air leaks.
  1. Setting Ceiling Fans Backwards
  • This is an extremely easy tip, and it’s completely free. Most ceiling fans have a small button or switch that will change the direction of the fan’s rotation. Instead of pushing air down onto you, cooling you, your fan will pull cold air up out of the room, and push the risen hot air back down into the room, keeping your feet just a little warmer.
  1. Put on a Jacket
  • This is a pretty obvious one, but putting on a jacket, and turning down the thermostat will save you some money. When you leave the home, turn the thermostat down. You should do the same when you go to sleep. Don’t make it so cold that you are uncomfortable, but if you can throw on a sweater and make do, the savings will be worth it.
  1. Using Natural Sources of Heat
  • Open up your shades on sunny days and allow the sun to bring in some free heat. You can also turn off the lights on days like this, saving you a bit more money. However, make sure you close the blinds at night and on cloudy days. They act as an extra layer of insulation, keeping the cold out.
  1. Service Your Heating Systems
  • Call an HVAC professional and have them inspect your heating unit just before the cold months. Sometimes there can be a problem, causing your unit to use up a lot more energy than necessary. Unserviced units could overheat and/or breakdown mid-winter. Make sure to replace your furnace filter once a month or so to keep it running at optimum performance. Make sure to maintain proper servicing on any regularly-used fireplaces as well.

These are 7 ways to keep your home warm, while staying energy efficient. I hope this helps you. Stay warm!

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