How to Secure a Secret Bug Out Location

Are you interested in finding the best bug out location?

If you reply to this question with an enthusiastic: Hell Yes, then the way I see it, you have two options….

Buy a private parcel of bug out land
Scope out a remote some remote bug out locations
Obviously, option 1 is more ideal, but not all of us have a large stash of cash to spend on buying a bug out property.

If you fall into the second category, then it’s time to start scouting out some public survival land options.

Of course, you could always plan to bug in, but you better be fully prepared to defend what’s yours if you live in one of these 146 counties.

Ok, enough with the preamble, here’s what I’m going to cover in this article.

What to look for in a best bug out property (including a couple of absolute”must haves”)
Detailed Instructions On How To Find Bug Out Locations For Sale (with images)
Detailed Instructions On How To Start A Public Bug Out Location Search (with images)

7 Advanced Tips To Finding An Ideal BOL

One quick word of advice… (continue reading)

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