How To Survive a Pandemic

Aside from nuclear meltdowns occurring worldwide post TEOTWAWKI, deadly diseases and viruses spreading worldwide is arguably the next biggest danger to humanity. History is wrought with cases of deadly pandemics killing off in some cases up to 50% of a regions population. Governments are currently doing a great job at quarantining outbreaks but every so often a virus becomes pandemic and uncontrollable. If for whatever reason the system responsible for vaccinations/quarantining and viral research falls apart, the population worldwide (especially in large cities) would quickly succumb to deadly pandemics. Fortunately, there are things you can do right now to prepare for such a crisis.
How to Protect Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic

What is a Pandemic
A pandemic by definition is an epidemic of any infectious disease that has spread to humans or animals across a large region (worldwide, or across multiple continents). The deadliest of all pandemics; Malaria is believed to have killed off up to 50% of all humans that have ever lived! Lesser pandemics such as smallpox killed of 92% of the Native Americans. Fortunately our current generation hasn’t had to experience the devastation of a deadly global pandemic but many scientists believe that we’re long overdue. In the last 100 years our population has grown from 1.6 billion to the current day 7 billion, because of the greater density and prevalence of humans, the next deadly pandemic is sure to kill millions, if not billions.


What is the Influenza Virus
In simple terms the Influenza virus is the yearly flu. Its first case has been described and reported in 412 BC by the Greek physician Hippocrates. About every 10 to 15 years it mutates into something highly virulent and deadly. The Influenza virus is responsible for; the Asiatic Flu, Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, the Hong Kong Flu, and many others. The Influenza virus and its many forms have together killed off 100s of millions or people worldwide. The reason this article will focus on preparing for an Influenza Pandemic is that it’s what’s believed to be the next world wide killer virus to become a pandemic by the worlds leaving virologist.

What to do Before an Influenza Pandemic
Before an influenza pandemic outbreak begins, be sure to do the following: (continue reading)

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