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Is There a Silver Lining in the PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture? Is There a Silver Lining in the PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture?

Optimists are constantly searching for silver linings in dark clouds. Can any such thing be discerned in our present cultural revolution of politically correct virtue signaling wokeism?

Initially, let us consider, well, briefly mention, the clouds.

  • California is reducing mathematics research studies due to the fact that this discipline has a disparate influence on subcategories of its trainee population.
  • Females are now welcomed in the U.S. military despite the fact that they can not pass the previously established tests of physical capability. Due to disparate outcomes, these exams have actually been modified; that is, compromised.
  • Asian Americans must deal with a strict ceiling in admissions to such prominent universities as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, no matter that their capabilities forecast excellent success than other ethnic groups.
  • No longer is admission to prominent centers of learning such as the Bronx High School of Science based upon examinations. Diverse effect as soon as again raises its awful head.

Where can any silver lining be viewed in this cultural morass, of which the above circumstances are the merest tip of the proverbial iceberg? Do not these phenomena not damage our nation in all sorts of methods, physically, psychologically, mentally, intellectually? Do they not set up all sorts of divisiveness, where a certain gender and a number of ethnic groups feel they are being taken advantage of in a myriad of methods?

Yes, that is exactly the point. When took a look at from one viewpoint, these certainly appear like dire consequences. However when seen from a different perspective, they can appear to be kindhearted.

Do you know those visual fallacies where from one viewpoint, a drawing looks like one thing, from another, something totally different? Something of the exact same sort is occurring in this case.

Pray tell, then, from what viewpoint could the weakening of our country potentially look like an excellent idea?

It is from the perspective of foreign policy that is from where. Now, to be sure, in the point of view of many people, warmongers, and such, U.S. intervention in national affairs has been an unmitigated success. But in the viewpoint of others, American adventurism, all around the third rock from the Sun, has actually been a disaster.

Think about the following:

  • The U.S. lost the war in Viet Nam, an area where it had no company occupying in the very first place. Vast numbers of innocents died as an outcome.
  • The U.S. has actually invested practically twenty years in Afghanistan and will now suffer an ignominious departure; again, another loss, with great death.
  • The U.S. has some 800 military bases in roughly 130 countries (there are only a few more than 200 in the whole world, so this makes up a majority). Hence, whenever any troubles emerge anywhere globally, the U.S. is involved, willy-nilly.
  • The U.S. has actually supported military dictatorships the world over, aggravating conditions for countless innocent people; examples are too various to point out
  • The U.S. has intervened in the internal affairs of various nations, again too many to discuss, much to the wear and tear of these customer states.

If you think that the U.S. has actually been a force for great, then there is no silver lining in its weakening, intellectually, militarily, financially. Nevertheless, if it is your viewpoint that this experience has actually been a catastrophe for this nation and various other countries, then its waning capabilities in these areas, due to our own cultural transformation, certainly constitutes a silver lining.

Editor’s Note: The wave of political accuracy and liberal group-think has actually taken the United States by storm. The effort to silence opposing perspectives and complimentary speech will continue to accelerate.

That’s why Doug Casey has actually prepared a timely video on surviving this contemporary American pattern. In it Doug exposes the lies and mainstream bias that’s poisoning America … Click on this link to enjoy it now.

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