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Attempting to Put All America Behind

By Stephen A / July 25, 2021

Edward Curtin Sixty years ago this summertime, on August 7, 1961, President John Kennedy signed the bill producing The Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts. It consists of forty miles of spotless sandy beach, marshes, ponds, and upland along the Atlantic Ocean, with some portions stretching across the land to Cape Cod Bay in the […]


Is There a Silver Lining in the PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture? Is There a Silver Lining in the PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture?

By Stephen A / July 24, 2021

Optimists are constantly searching for silver linings in dark clouds. Can any such thing be discerned in our present cultural revolution of politically correct virtue signaling wokeism? Initially, let us consider, well, briefly mention, the clouds. California is reducing mathematics research studies due to the fact that this discipline has a disparate influence on subcategories […]


Complain However Remain

By Stephen A / July 23, 2021

All nations have a “shelf-life” of sorts. Normally, they begin when an old, top-heavy government collapses from its own weight. Completion of the old program is characterized by civil unrest, revolution, secession, economic collapse or some mix of these conditions. The new nation generally has very little government and little or absolutely nothing in the […]


Doug Casey on How You Can Believe and Act Like a Professional Speculator

By Stephen A / July 22, 2021

International Guy: What personal and mental blind areas and limitations should a speculator be wary of? Doug Casey: There is no concern that your biggest enemy in the markets is your own psychology. Everyone experiences worry when the marketplace is down and greed when the market is up. It refers getting out of your own […]


5 Specific Reasons that You Must Stock Food Today

By Stephen A / July 21, 2021

For years, Americans have not needed to be concerned about food prices. Yes, prices would always go up by a little bit each year, but in general we have been extremely blessed for a very long time. Our supermarkets have actually constantly been packed with food, and we could constantly depend on the truth that […]


Why Gold?

By Stephen A / July 19, 2021

Editor’s Note: Below, rare-earth elements skilled Adrian Day makes a powerful case for gold today. While our views differ on Bitcoin, we think his total analysis on gold is area on. At a time when numerous financiers are calling gold “a relic,” and numerous more youthful ones, in specific, are buying Bitcoin rather, it deserves […]


How the Unimaginable Became Thinkable

By Stephen A / July 18, 2021

Matthew Ehret Will we see biotechnology serve the interests of humanity under a multipolar paradigm that cherishes nationwide sovereignty, human life, household, and faith? As much as it may cause us a fair offer of displeasure and even an indigestion to consider such ideas as the hold eugenics has on our currently struggling age, I […]


Are We at the Creation of an Inflationary Anxiety?

By Stephen A / July 17, 2021

It is an acknowledged reality within the circle of Austrian Economic experts that the Central Banks need to continuously rely on and actively indulge in the propaganda of Voodoo Economics to hide the extreme imbalances that they have developed worldwide economy. What lies in the decade ahead for much of the Western economies and the […]

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