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Get Ready with the Right Hiking Equipment

By Ben / February 24, 2021

If you are new to the sport of hiking, you may think that all you need is a bottle of water and you are off. Nothing could be further from the truth as a hiker has to be prepared for emergencies and have the proper hiking equipment to make the most out of the trip. […]


Making The Most Of Your Hiking Backpacks

By Ben / January 6, 2021

A school backpack is next to useless in a survival situation, or even a weekend camping situation. It is just not built to take the knocks and pings of living in the outdoors. You need camping or sporting goods hiking backpacks. This is your survival kit, as well as being the most convenient way of […]


Fun Foods For Camping

By Ben / November 13, 2020

Cooking can be the biggest part of the fun you have while out camping. Your appetite will absolutely open up once you are in the great outdoors. Whether you have hiked all day or are enjoying the campfire by evening, you will embrace a roaring appetite as big as your campfire. Camping foods need to […]


Looking for Closeout Hiking Boots?

By Ben / February 11, 2020

If you are planning on a long hike on rocky trails, you are going to need a decent pair of hiking boots. Hold on a second. Let’s amend that statement slightly. If you are going on a hike of any duration on any type of trail, you are going to need a decent pair of […]


Best Hiking Boots Provide Safety And Comfort

By Ben / November 15, 2019

Regardless of where or when you plan to go hiking, having the best hiking boots you can find can make a difference in your safety and comfort. When you go to the sports store in search of boots, you will need to have in mind the type of hiking you plan to be doing. There […]


Enjoying Nature With Your Loved Ones

By Andrew J. / May 25, 2019

One of the many reasons why hiking is great for both romantic getaways and family trips is because hiking trials come in all different shapes and sizes. In the United States, you will find hiking trails that are designed for beginners, hiking trails that are designed for experts, as well as those that are at […]


Hiking and Camping: The Perfect Combination

By Michael B. / April 22, 2019

Whether you’re making your trip alone, with family, friends, or a partner, you’ll need to find a place to visit, as well as activities to participate in. If you have yet to decide what you would like to do for your next trip, have you ever thought about going camping and hiking? Whether you’re alone […]


Gear Shopping Made Easy

By Andrew J. / April 1, 2019

Are you preparing to go on a camping vacation or even just a short camping trip?  If you are, have you already stocked up on all your camping gear and supplies? If not, you may want to jump on that sooner rather than later.   If this is your first time trying to find and […]


Planning For The Easiest Trip Of Your Life

By Andrew J. / March 13, 2019

Once the spring and summer roll around, camping season goes into in full swing. Unfortunately, many campgrounds are limited on the amount of space that they have, and it’ll be a race for who gets the best places. To ensure that you are able to get a camping vacation reservation, you’ll want to make your […]


The Budgeter’s Alternative To Expensive Camping Gear

By Michael B. / March 4, 2019

Maybe the tent that’s served you faithfully for over a decade finally gave out, or maybe you’ve never been camping before in your life. Bottom line? You need new gear.  While your first impulse may be to head on down to your local sports store, you may actually have another option. Depending on where you […]

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