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The Destruction of Everything Considered Normal Has Created Division, Hate, Instability, and Chaos?

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Remembrance of the past may give rise to dangerous insights, and the established society seems to be apprehensive of the subversive contents of memory.”

~ Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

The Marxist position concerning the social nature of man as opposed to the individual is fatally flawed if decency, respect, morality, and freedom are sought, regardless of the lie that Communism is for the benefit of the people. Once the individual is sacrificed and is forced to conform to the wishes of society, any system of decency breaks down. In other words, rule based on the majority position, and administered or “made to coincide with the interest (so-called) of humanity,” that referred to as the group called society, necessitates force and aggression from either societal or state enforcement, and therefore negates all that is right.

There are many ways to build and control what could be classified as a proletariat society, and all of them require the elimination of the individual. Marx’s words and ‘beliefs’ bear this out in no uncertain terms. In today’s world, most all efforts to destroy independent thought, normal or considered natural behavior, tradition, family, and honest history, are steeped in Neo-Marxist techniques, which cause unlimited division, hatred, antagonistic existence, and a tearing down and elimination of all past history and moral beliefs. This is the state of affairs in the U.S. today, as total chaos has come to the forefront due not to proper anarchical principles which are based on individual freedom, but due to Neo-Marxist and communistic ideology advanced through psychological and aggressive means, and supported by the ruling class.

At this time in history, the common people are but mere illiterate pawns in this game of power and control; so much so as to be the responsible foundation of the destruction of man. This is an untenable reality about our situation, as the very people claiming a desire for freedom and ‘equality,’ have destroyed any chance of liberty by accepting what can be referred to as blind collectivism leading to Communism. This wording might seem somewhat confusing, but mass collectivism cannot exist without a communistic mentality by the majority, and without communistic ideology, unadulterated collectivism in any free society is not conceivable in my view.

The human animal is certainly social, (not as in the view of Marx) and this helps to solidify our need for common association in order to satisfy our need for each other, and to better function and survive, but once that social bonding becomes forced or mandatory; and becomes ‘legally’ ordered, a new paradigm of totalitarianism is born.

Regardless of the contradiction concerning Communist ideology, the Neo-Marxist system is based on two very distinct existing classes; the large class of propertyless workers (commoners) consisting of the entirety of the masses, and the elite class, or state heads, who are exempt from all the societal rules and regulations, and own and control all the property. As mentioned, this is in direct contrast to the basis of Communism as described by Marx, which would result in the people seizing through violent revolt from the oppressing bourgeoisie, all wealth and means of production. In most cases, the people seeking Communism allege to want to eliminate the class system in order to achieve total equality and utopia for all, but in essence, they bring about by their submission to power, the exact situation they pretend to detest. By embracing the state and its power as partners in efforts to destroy all traditional society to affect desired ‘change,’ the resulting new state is simply the opposite of the so-called pretended agenda sought. This is where the left side of the left/right divide, negates all claimed ambitions of eliminating class structure in favor of a ruling class over society. This can only be due to indoctrination, ignorance, and stupidity.

We are now in transition to this exact type of society, where the few control all through very aggressive and restrictive governmental and technocratic methods, and remain completely outside and separate from the masses in every way. This is what globalism is all about; one completely separate ruling class and all the rest slaves. This is the system being built, and once fully achieved, it will be nearly impossible to destroy.

Consider our current circumstances, and what has been allowed to replace our traditional society based on the natural right to life; leading to freedom, property ownership by the individual, family, free speech, and the right to defend oneself from any aggression. These things have disappeared almost entirely, and have been replaced with communistic terror in the form of Neo-Marxism at the hands of the controlling class, the state, and all those supporting the state.

We live in a world turned upside down, where everything of value has become taboo, while the opposite has become the mainstay of this sorry society of mindless drones. Family and morality are looked down upon, while unbridled exuberance toward the immoral is embraced. This attitude is now widespread, and was not accidental, as the whole idea of Neo-Marxism is meant to destroy the memory of all the past in favor of establishing a new order based on communistic ideology bent on the destruction of accepted long-term norms. Obviously, change can at times be good, but in this case, it seems that the good is only being traded for the bad.

Currently, transexual behavior is presented by the state and media as ‘normal,’ and in a disgustingly myriad of forms. This notion is pushed in the faces of all who have any exposure to any form of media, ‘education,’ or government indoctrination efforts, as if it was honestly apparent in every human situation. This is asinine. The same is true of how homosexuality is presented, and every other form of this type of behavior. What people choose to do voluntarily, and without harm to others, and without intimidation, or aggression toward another, is one thing, but any expectation or initiation of forced acceptance is patently wrong.

Society as a whole has been inundated with the false assumption that everything not normal is normal. It is no different with the ridiculous ‘racism’ lie. There have always been racists, and there always will be, because that is the nature of a minority of the population, and has always been present in man. It is not relegated just to white; in fact, it is apparent to some degree in every culture. It is a cross-culture phenomenon. It has been purposely made to seem to be targeting only a few groups, and falsely labeled as terror against all state-chosen minorities, when in reality, it is less obvious than it has ever been in history. The biggest change has been the isolation of racism to certain groups meant only to cause hatred and division due to the state’s agenda of control. What is evident, is that hatred of all against all is rampant, and that cannot be labeled as due to one’s personal preferences, but to a plotted result by the ruling ‘elites.’

There is also intentional government promotion and acceptance of atrocious criminal behavior by evil groups like BLM and Antifa, and certain others as well. This behavior is justified by the state in order to gain more control over all by normalizing atrocious behavior by the few who are being used to instill fear so as to cause societal disorder. This is all part of the plot of this totalitarian regime.

Most all of the enforcement arms of government are on board with this evil, and purposely stage, participate in, and intentionally allow constant acts of terror to be prevalent throughout society. This is evident in the allowance and prosecution of intimidation, criminal behavior, police state brutality, allowed rioting and property destruction, mass shootings, especially against children, which creates much more psychological and emotional response from those who are sought to be ruled over and controlled. These are all meant to advance particular state agendas.

Of the many sub-plots of this world takeover agenda, illegitimate manmade ‘climate change’ will remain the primary focus. The ‘virus, scams will continue, as will the drive for central bank digital currencies, digitizing all transactions, ‘vaccine’ passports, supply chain disruptions, manufactured food shortages, energy regulations and energy use restrictions, carbon limit restrictions, water mandates, more promotion of gender insanity, and certainly much more extreme propaganda concerning the ‘wonder’ of depraved behavior.

All this and much more, including horrific false-flag attacks and events by the government and its henchmen, are coming this fall and winter in my opinion, and with it the likely possibility of civil unrest, civil war, hot war, and martial law. Prepare yourselves for hell on earth, as the globalists continue their assault against us, as the masses have not yet decided to do anything of value to help themselves or stop this onslaught against humanity.

“What is morality, she asked.
Judgement to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, and courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good, integrity to stand by the good at any price. ”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


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