The Secret Guide To Composting Like A Pro

Read Up

The first and most important thing you can do is educate yourself. That’s right. You need to read up on the concepts, techniques, and all the other factors pertaining to composting. Much like learning a new language, immersing yourself with available information prior to jumping in will ensure that you’re giving it your best shot. Being prepared beforehand will not only give you a better chance at success, but it’ll also make injuries and accidents less likely.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

It’s imperative that you wash your hands when you’re finished. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget the basic rules when you consider yourself an expert. Even if this doesn’t apply to you directly, make sure that any of your friends and family who may come into contact with the compost or composting chemicals are aware of the risks. (This is also a good motivation for you to secure a close lid for your composting heap.)

Inspect Your Active Compost Frequently

Frequent inspection will ensure that there are no weeds or unwelcome creatures inhabiting in your compost pile. Make sure that your compost pile remains a compost pile and not a breeding ground for harmful organisms that can pose a threat in your own backyard.

Orient Your Friends and Family About Your Composting Activities

Getting your family and friends involved or at least amply oriented will make it easier when you want to ask for input or even just communicate what you’re up to. It will also help them be more aware of the processes you’re executing and tools you’re using so that they don’t accidentally interrupt or step into anything.

Keep the Compost Aerated

The biggest danger to compost is a lack of air that will make it more poisonous to the soil than helpful. Make sure that even when your compost heap is in a closed bin, there’s still more than enough air for it to continue circulating. The aeration process both helps enhance the composting process and prevents the organic materials from turning into an amorphous, poisonous blob that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near.

Familiarize Yourself With The Machinery (For Industrial Scale Compost Heaps)

If you are dealing with composting on a larger scale that requires machinery, you must really exercise caution in using the machinery. Also make sure that you’re familiar with all the functions, as well as aware of and prepared for the with worst-case scenarios and troubleshooting techniques for the equipment you are using.

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