Unlikely Survival Foods: Instant Potatoes

Instant Potatoes are another one of those foods that have a long shelf life, the main reason that it qualifies for a good survival food option. Most kinds of instant potatoes have a shelf life of nearly 18 months or longer. Like many other instant foods/survival foods, instant potatoes are extremely light, and easy to store. They take up little space in your cupboard, and can be left until YOU are ready to make it instead of you having to make it before it goes bad.


It’s a given that instant potatoes, like most foods, are better when made and served hot. Many foods even require that you need hot liquids just to make them. But another good reason instant potatoes serve as a good survival food is that they can both be made with cold water and be eaten cold. While they aren’t as good served cold, they still fill you up and have a good flavor. 


Another great aspect of this survival food is that it is cheap. You can buy instant potatoes at the store for around $1.00 a pouch. That makes this efficient and tasty survival food easy to buy in large quantities. You could save even more by buying in bulk, which may be the best option if you are, indeed, planning on investing in these as a survival food.


While instant potatoes have, up to this point, seemed like the perfect survival food for almost any situation, the one real downside is the packaging. Instant mashed potatoes are usually available in a pouch, box, or little cups sealed with plastic sheeting. Unfortunately, the boxes are not waterproof, the pouches are not very durable, and the cups have very weak films closing them in. So you will either need to move the potato flakes to a dry, room temperature area or transfer then to a different container.


In Conclusion

This incredible survival food is a steal at the incredible low price at which you will find it. Instant potatoes will provide you with an efficient, easy, and tasty meal at a low price and without many other necessary supplies. So anyone looking for an efficient survival food should have space for this in their homes and in their budget. The most important things to remember about instant potatoes are their easy preparation and their impressive shelf life, the two factors that are the most important in surviving off the grid.

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