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UPDATE: Trafalgar Square live stream eliminated from YouTube . [

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It’s the last Saturday of the month, which indicates the upset (and growing) crowd of Lockdown sceptics progress major cities to make their voices heard.

Protests are prepared for cities all around the world in what’s being called the “Worldwide Rally for Freedom”:

In France, over 175 events are planned all across the nation:

France, already the nation least-trusting of vaccines in Europe, and coming off over a year of Gilets Jaunes protests over the economy and civil rights, is reeling from Emmanuel Macron’s announcement that vaccination would be compulsory for health care employees, and vaccine passes would be needed for many service and public areas.

Macron was forced to dial back his position somewhat following enormous protests over Bastille Day weekend …

But that is not likely to appease a mad country, where some health center staff have already left and there is talk of massive strikes.

The other day, in Israel, demonstrations outside the Prime Ministers house were strongly stopped by Israeli security forces:

The demonstration was a reaction to a shocking speech made by the PM earlier that day, blaming the unvaccinated for putting “flexibility and lives at threat”, and introducing what can just be described as main segregation:

Substantial crowds required to the streets of Sydney in protest versus the stay-at-home orders in location.

The greatest demonstration may well remain in London, where Boris Johnson’s prepare for “vaccine passes” doesn’t even consist of the “or a negative test” rider so common in other nations. Essentially making vaccines obligatory for any kind of typical life.

UPDATE: The original live stream of the protest in Trafalgar Square has been removed and eliminated from YouTube. We’ve replace it with the taped live stream of the Paris demonstration.

Lots of other cities all across the world have actually seen protests today.

In the UK:




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