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< img width ="570"height= "419"src="https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/lost-cause-2.jpg" alt =""/ > I when wrote an article on the issues emerging from what I described “group condemnation.” I believed that in attempting to caution individuals of threats lurking in the culture, those who blamed “groups” instead of individuals tended to lose reliability. To speak versus the Jews or the blacks or any “group” rather than individuals within those groups typically resulted in charges of bigotry and, in consequence, the loss of the transmission of valuable and needful info. But times have altered in ways that smart, logical individuals might not have anticipated even a couple of years back.

Today, group claims are freely accepted even by people who are fairly intelligent and logical! And this change is across the board; it is not limited to condemnation but also involves support and approval based not upon actions however upon the groups involved in those actions! As an outcome, today one does not take a look at individual habits! In a secured group, its members’ actions are either approved or, if that is not logically possible, neglected, disguised or otherwise concealed. Whereas, in a targeted group, its members are blamed, castigated or otherwise condemned with no proof of wrongdoing and, undoubtedly, even when there is clear evidence of innocence!

Additionally, the messenger is no longer immune if the message is unwelcome. Rather, he finds himself in a different targeted group including those who are attempting to communicate to the public at large information that is neither welcome nor appropriate by the establishment! As a result, the ways by which mankind transfers “info” whether of the past– that is, history– or of the present, has been altered to the point at which individuals are free to alter both history AND today without repercussion. This is diametric to both civilization and reason!

There have always been certain efforts to make of truth both past and present what people desire it to be, but never has the modification of mankind’s culture been both global in its scope and mendacious in its objectives. The heroes and villains these days might, in future, modification locations, but such reassessment has always referred the developing of brand-new cultures that could look with discernment and lack of predisposition at the previous or, in the alternative, the emerging of brand-new information that alters existing hypotheses.

Today these progressive and natural modifications are no more! They have been changed by an agenda-driven story that begins and ends with the wanted conclusions rather apart from the tested facts surrounding the events themselves! We no longer start out with questions, but with conclusions! Of course, such a circumstance was not unknown in the past but it was usually restricted to those with a vested interest in producing a particular narrative that suited their ends. On the whole, nevertheless, the “historical neighborhood” was, when upon a time, circumscribed by a code of honor that demanded strenuous scholarship and careful research study established upon absolute truth and intellectual purity.

Also, much the same can be stated for those involved in more modern-day concerns. Few undoubtedly were the statesmen who produced proof to show their specific viewpoint. They existed, naturally, however they were anathema to all decent people! Nevertheless, that reality no longer exists either with regard to the past or today however rather, the opposite obtains; that is, purveyors of undesirable realities are gotten rid of from the general public forum and identified “deconstructionists” while liars and demagogues are revered.

Undoubtedly, at this time in history, whatever is reversed. Real scholars are rejected while scams are applauded and elevated to positions of power within their specific disciplines. Truth, the former foundation of all understanding, is now as welcome as a polecat at a picnic and the discovery of it hiding in any composed or perhaps oral account of history or current events suffices to make what is being composed or said gotten rid of, never to see public exposure. Periodically, the desired story my contain some aspect of fact– but it is usually tangential to the main problem. Naturally, today’s synthetic reporters of both the past and the present make excellent use of any minor “truths” to verify in total that which is supported just in irrelevant triviality.

In Orwell’s 1984, his protagonist works in a ministry of the federal government responsible for rewriting history. However this was not what we today call “revisionist history,” for modification is not a bad idea. It merely indicates to “revise” or “customize” that which has actually been previously accepted– generally founded upon some brand-new proof having actually emerged. However Winston’s occupation was to alter history itself, eliminating from the narrative those who had fallen out of favor! His efforts had nothing to do with reality or realities or details and even history, however involved a circumstance according to Orwell, that implied,

“Every record has been ruined or falsified, every book rewritten, every photo has been repainted, every statue and street structure has been renamed, every date has actually been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has actually stopped. Absolutely nothing exists other than a limitless present in which the Party is always ideal.”

Sadly, today we have practically reached that very same condition. Worse, we have the technology to accomplish it, the political power to execute it and the cultural impotency to prevent it. At present, we’re handling open violence to history in the kind of the physical destruction of monoliths and other symbols and components of the past, but when these are gone– and who believes that we will be able to stop this prepared extermination– our technological competence will allow modifications in records unidentified in Orwell’s day. His “sci-fi” has ended up being technological reality, much to the detriment of both reality and civilization.

Naturally, many people in the West at least, had no idea how far we had actually come from what we formerly accepted as our culture and social facilities. Our fall has actually been terrific and there does not appear to be any method to stop it or recover our losses if we might stop it. On the other hand our more youthful generations seem quite content to exist in this new reality, looking askance at their elders whom they view as a hindrance to the facility of the New World Order that is coming into existence as we speak. The indications of our termination as a civilization existed to see for many years but we weren’t paying attention! Also, they came slowly, frequently covert underneath cultural interruptions used since the days of Rome. The technique of “bread and circuses” is not brand-new! It worked for the Caesars and now it works for the ruling elites in the 21st century. And in this brand-new bleak future, unlike the story of Adam and Eve, none will remember our fall.

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