What’s So Special About Fly Fishing Anyway?

What is fly fishing? For many people, fishing is fishing. Throw some bait on a line, toss it in the water, and wait for a nibble. But for fly fishing enthusiasts, it’s so much more. An ancient angling method, fly fishing is a method that was developed primarily for catching trout and salmon. Currently, however, it is also used to catch multiple other species like pike, carp, bass.

Fly fishing uses materials like thread, feathers, and fur to attract attention and an artificial fly as bait. The idea is to create an illusion that will match a natural vision of food to attract the fish. Fly rods (the rods used for fly fishing) are light in weight, but long in their design. The lines themselves are somewhat heavy in order to provide the casting weight. The lines may be made to either float or sink and are typically matched to the fly rod according to the weight. The fly itself will be very lightweight and is attached to the line.

So, what’s the difference between fly fishing and regular fishing? Realistically, it is more than just the bait, right? Right. The main difference in fly fishing and regular casting is that with casting, you use the weight of the bait to throw out the line, while fly fishing uses a weightless bait and a weighted line that directs the actual placement.

Fly fishing is commonly done in one or two different forms: dry or wet. Dry flies are coated to sit atop the water’s surface, while wet flies are placed beneath the water’s surface in an attempt to lure fish.

Fly fishing rods and accessories can be found at any bait shop, retail store fishing department, or online specialty store. There are a number of online fly fishing experts that are happy to sell their recommended products. The internet may, in fact, hold the greatest selection of fly fishing gear as customers are granted access to a world of businesses and a haven of products to choose from.

The art of fly fishing is best enjoyed in the company of friends. A quiet afternoon on the water, enjoying nature and competing for the greatest catch is all apart of the fun associated with the popular sport and pastime.

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