Will Global COVID Relief Efforts Renew the US and European Influence Worldwide?

International Guy: It’s clear that the media has praised countries that engaged in the strictest lockdowns.

As a benefit for their obedience to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards, their governments are assured generous IMF loans and healing packages.

Do you believe this is a new system for the US government to put in impact and control over foreign nations?

Jeff Thomas: Yes, although I don’t see this as a US-only effort. I see it more as one of numerous efforts by those countries that are central to the New World Order. Definitely, it’s intriguing that the breakout of COVID took place in a number of cabal nations at the very same time, early in 2020, instead of slowly broadening outward from its expected origin, as infections usually do. The fact that this taken place– a batch of nations in The United States and Canada and Europe all experiencing a pandemic within a two-week period– supplied remarkable shock value. And because all those nations acted more or less in unison with lockdowns and other limitations and all published false numbers and incorrect death numbers, it’s not surprising that the remainder of the world fell under step within a month or more, imitating the procedures adopted by the cabal nations.

The preliminary months were a well-coordinated takeover of important flexibilities. But, curiously, in the latter months, the cabal have not kept that consistency, and that has resulted in more and more people questioning whether this is a genuine pandemic or just another seasonal influenza that’s been overemphasized by the primary countries. In truth, we’re starting to see some real fractures in the dyke.

International Guy: Almost every country put some sort of restrictions in location throughout the pandemic. The impact on their economies, local companies, and everyday life has been substantial, especially in developing nations.

What second and 3rd order results do you see?

Jeff Thomas: The COVID scam operates on fear. Even those who think that it’s most likely to just be a seasonal infection that federal governments and the media have exaggerated are not sure, so fear makes them adhere to the substantial loss of flexibilities being required. But, in current months, this fear has actually been going into remission, and The Powers That Be are beginning to lose their hang on populations throughout the First World. At this rate, they’ll have a real issue on their hands by this fall if they do not develop a version that’s rumoured to be worse than the original. Unless they develop a Nagasaki bomb to follow the Hiroshima bomb, citizens worldwide will increasingly turn down the draconian needs of their governments.

International Man: In what method will that be different from the initial scare in early 2020?

Jeff Thomas: Well, in the United States, there is now a democratic president who will be less most likely to honour states’ rights. A Governmental Statement of Emergency situation would enable the present government to take over decision-making that’s presently in the hands of state guvs. That would bring about a nationwide plan for control and remove independent actions by states. So, there would no longer be any states embarrassing the federal government that their retention of liberty was resulting in less positives and fewer deaths. It would also permit them to limit motion from location to place by individuals, particularly those who have not been vaccinated. It wouldn’t be unexpected for the federal government to state, “This 2nd wave is even worse than the first, so while we’ll not demand that all individuals are vaccinated, in the public interest, we can only enable those who have been immunized to go to work, shop, travel or otherwise head out of their homes.” This would be imprisonment by default, and it will only be managed if the population is sufficiently frightened by the claims, ought to there be a second major ‘pandemic.’

International Man: Prior to the pandemic, a number of European Union member countries had growing movements to leave the EU.

Do you think that this trend will continue to pick up momentum? Or has COVID snuffed it out?

Jeff Thomas: Human nature being what it is, I believe that European residents will divide even further than previously into 2 camps. Those who, above all, look for safety and hope that their government will provide it will mistakenly welcome the additional elimination of liberties. On the other hand, those who were fed up with the loss of flexibilities prior to COVID will enhance their ire.

However the essential problem will stay. Given that just four of the members of the EU were net providers, whilst the other twenty-four were net receivers, the exit of a net provider– Britain– is merely unsustainable. The remaining 3 will eventually be unable to keep the EU Titanic downing along, following the hit by the Brexit iceberg.

International Male: What do you believe will take place beside EU member countries like Greece, Cyprus and others that were already in requirement of continuous bailouts?

Jeff Thomas: Their circumstances will get worse, much to the anger of the populations of net service providers, especially the hard-working German individuals who are significantly footing the bill for a comparatively lazy Mediterranean lot. The concern is not whether the EU is sustainable– it’s not. The question will be how long they can limp along prior to fragmenting or breaking down totally.

International Guy: The economic home of cards was currently on extremely unsteady ground for a very long time. The government action to COVID has actually made the problem even worse.

Exists any possibility federal governments can print their way out of the coming economic crisis?

Jeff Thomas: Not in the long term, although they can continue carrying out sleight-of-hand techniques like the intro of digital nationwide currencies and IMF currencies that have the prospective to buy them a bit of time. But ultimately, the ship is going down.

International Guy: How does this play into the geopolitical landscape? Will the United States and Western European governments preserve and grow their influence?

Jeff Thomas: Only briefly. This is what the collapse of an empire appears like. It’s not the very first time in history this has actually occurred, by any methods. We’re looking at all the traditional symptoms that were shown by former empires as they self-destructed. It’s most likely to be a long, drawn-out affair. If I had to make a guess, I ‘d state that, by 2030, the dust will have, for the many part, decided on the collapse. Of course, it’s always risky to put a date on any forecast, as occasions have a nagging tendency to drag out longer than anticipated, but by 2030, I believe it will appear what the other side of this crisis will look like.

Editor’s Note: 2021 is already shaping up to be an increasingly unpredictable time. More federal governments are putting their money printing on overdrive. Negative interests are becoming the guideline rather of the exception to it.

More governments are putting their money printing on overdrive. Unfavorable interests are becoming the rule instead of the exception to it.

One thing is for sure, there will be a great deal of modification taking place in the years ahead.

That’s precisely why legendary speculator Doug Casey and his group launched an immediate brand-new report titled Doug Casey’s Leading 7 Predictions for the Raging 2020s.

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