Another Reflection on the Bug In or Bug Out Question

There are different philosophies out there regarding whether or not to “bug in” or “bug out” and necessarily one’s entire prepping strategy will be based around this. Like most others I prep on a budget and as such I have to pick a strategy based upon my research, my analysis, my background training, and my own personal situation (geographic, relationships, etc.). As such I have to make compromises–just like most everyone else.

One of my compromises was my food supply. Many preppers out there will fundamentally proclaim that you absolutely must base your food stores and stock your larders with the items that you eat routinely. That does not necessarily work for everyone’s personal situation–those who must move often cannot afford that luxury. Our food preps must be light, and they must be transportable. Meaning that they are not necessarily what we would eat in our normal everyday lives.

So, having said all that I fall into a unique category where I prefer the “bug in” approach, while at the same time I have to move to a new home every few years. That has certainly shaped my own personal prepping strategy and necessarily it has forced me to stay flexible. Very, very flexible.

And having somewhat of a planning background I’ve always (continue reading)

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