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790K Migrants Apprehended Since Biden’s Changes in Border Policies

By John S / July 28, 2021

Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 790,000 migrants in the five months that followed President Joe Biden’s changes in border policy. This represents an increase of more than 500 percent over the same period the previous year. During President Biden’s roughly first five months in office, February 1 to June 30, Border Patrol agents apprehended […]


Bernie Sanders: GOP All About ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ ‘Anti-Science’

By John S / July 27, 2021

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated on Monday that the Republican Party “can not be permitted to dominate,” reducing it to a gang of conspiracy theorists who seek to suppress votes and take part in “anti-science vaccine rejection.” “Here is what the contemporary Republican politician Celebration is all about: cult-like devotion to Trump, huge lies and […]


Federal Appeals Court Sides with CDC over Vaccination Guidelines on Cruise Liner

By John S / July 26, 2021

A federal appeals court stepped in over the weekend, siding with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) amidst Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) battle against the federal health company over the vaccination rules it is troubling the cruise industry– a significant location of dispute, as the use of vaccine passports is restricted in Florida. […]


WH: Kamala Harris Tested for Coronavirus After Satisfying Texas Democrats

By John S / July 25, 2021

The White Home said Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris received a test for the Chinese coronavirus after meeting Texas Democrats last week who later on checked positive for it. “First I would state I think the vice president’s workplace put out that she was evaluated. Which there is no detection of Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus],” […]


Far-Left Dems Fight to Defund Cops as National Celebration Tries to Proceed

By John S / July 24, 2021

Far-left Democrats continue the “Defund the Authorities” movement as the nationwide party attempts to move away from the rhetoric as the 2022 midterms are within sight. Democrats have actually just recently been irritated by the concept of President Joe Biden and other national level Democrats trying to forget about the defunding the cops movement as […]


China Protects Afghan Taliban, Insists It Is Not a Terrorist Group

By John S / July 23, 2021

The editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a Chinese Communist Celebration propaganda newspaper, published a commentary Monday in defense of the Afghan Taliban, insisting it is not a terrorist group and antagonizing it is of “no advantage to China at all.” Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin consistently declared the United States does rule out the Taliban a terrorist […]


Blackwell and Roman: Deactivating Americans is the Best Method to Shackle Them

By John S / July 22, 2021

Authoritarians take weapons. Why? Since gun rights are the linchpin safeguarding people from loss of all rights. Modern history provides unpleasant proof that loss of liberty is preceded by disarmament of people. Today, the most apparent example is ideal prior to our eyes as we watch the Cuban individuals pleading for flexibility. Fidel Castro took […]


Trump Jr. on Media Hypocrisy: What If I Spoke About Smoking Parmesan?

By John S / July 20, 2021

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, knocked facility media and Big Tech hypocrisy in a speech Sunday at Pivotal moment USA’s Trainee Action Top, arguing they let Hunter Biden get away with things he would not have had the ability to. Referencing Biden’s laptop that was seized by the FBI after being […]


SEE: State Troopers Hold Back Migrant Border Rush in Texas

By John S / July 19, 2021

State troopers from Nebraska and Florida joined Texas Department of Public Security personnel and U.S. Border Patrol agents to hold a big group rise of Haitian and Venezuelan migrants at a barrier in Del Rio. Fox News’ Bill Melugin tweeted videos revealing a group of numerous migrants trying to push their way through a border […]

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