EU to Orban: Back Gay Rights or Get Out!

What is the source of the morality that teaches same-sex unions are the equal of conventional marital relationship and any federal government that does not agree is a bigoted routine with which we ought not associate?

Regard LBGT rights or get out of the EU, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte advised Hungary’s Viktor Orban at last week’s gathering of the European Union in Brussels.

According to Reuters, participants explained it as the “most intense personal clash among the bloc’s leaders in years.”

What triggered the clash?

Hungary simply passed a law that prohibits schools from utilizing products viewed as pro-homosexuality. According to the AP, the new law “prohibits sharing content on homosexuality or sex reassignment to individuals under 18 in school sex education programs, films or advertisements.”

Rutte eagerly associated information of his conflict with Orban: “It was truly strong, a deep sensation that this might not be. It had to do with our values; this is what we mean.”

“I stated, ‘Stop this; you must withdraw the law, and if you do not like that and really say that the European values are not your values, then you must consider whether to stay in the European Union.'”

Orban calls himself a flexibility fighter and defender of traditional Catholic worths who thinks in democracy however not liberalism: “The Hungarian nation is not a mere pile of people.”

Almost everyone apparently came down hard on Orban.

European Council President Charles Michel reminded Orban “that values such as flexibility, tolerance and human dignity are at the heart of the EU.”

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and tolerance are at the core of the European task. We are devoted to continue with this effort, making sure that future European generations mature in an atmosphere of equality and regard. “U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres remained in the meeting and, asked about Hungary’s brand-new law, replied:” All forms of discrimination are completely inappropriate and obviously any type of discrimination in relation to LGBTQ+ people are totally inappropriate. “The problems raised by this confrontation are many. First, those who alerted in the 1960s that the EU, which began as a European Coal and Steel Neighborhood, a French-German free-trade zone of six countries, would inevitably evolve and expand

into a multinational regime that would seek to impose its “values”on its members have actually been proven right. And what are”EU values”? Who declares them; who defines them? Christian mentors have a pedigree that goes back millennia. But what is the source of moral authority for modernity’s doctrine that homosexuality

is moral, besides some transient ideology, which Russell Kirk reminded us

is political faith? What is the source of the morality that teaches same-sex unions are the equal of conventional marriage and any government that does not agree is a bigoted regime with which we ought not associate? For the stand the EU takes today– that homosexuality

is natural and regular and need to be morally and legally the equivalent to other forms of sexual expression– flatly opposes those Christian beliefs and worths that Europe itself reflected at the EU’s infancy. See the current Videos on Our Buchanan-Trump YouTube Playlist! Do worths alter? Or are people simply transformed to new faiths, brand-new beliefs, new ideas and brand-new”values”that contradict the old ones that were taught and believed for centuries? If tolerance is, as Michel declares

, an EU worth, is the canopy
of tolerance not wide enough, and the huge camping tent of tolerance not large enough, to consist of the Christian worths Orban upholds, though they contradict the EU values that Rutte and others state? Is not Hungary undergoing EU discrimination

for the ethical offense of hanging on to beliefs that vary from the new EU agreement? Is the EU’s liberalism so intolerant of dissent it would expel an EU member who does not welcome its 21st-century teachings on LGBT rights? Not until this century in the U.S.A. was homosexuality declared a constitutional right. Justice Antonin Scalia notoriously dissented from that decision. And if Hungary holds to ideas and beliefs

Scalia held, and tens of countless Americans still hold, but is displaced of the EU for so doing, why would we Americans not stand behind Hungary’s right to

dissent? American worths, once declared to be freedom, liberty and independence, have actually evolved into inclusiveness, variety and tolerance. Which brings us to the cancel culture. Where is the tolerance here for distinctions of belief about whether homosexuality is moral? Can not those who decline newly established opinion still be included in the company of decent guys? Or do the worths of addition and diversity not extend that far? Why should disbelievers in the ethical equality of homosexuality be excluded from the circle of decent males? We’re getting close here to what cancel culture is everything about. Are future European generations

to be taught that the Christian position on homosexuality was backward, bigoted and despiteful which its abandonment marked a major step in human progress? If the Hungarian people and country find that EU worths dispute with their Catholic and Hungarian values,

they must declare their self-reliance of the EU as anything besides a trading bloc. Do You Appreciate Reading

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