Guard Dogs and Old Fashioned Home Security

Burglaries and crime are always on the rise, even in places that were considered safe in recent years. There are various burglary alarms and home surveillance systems available designed to help you protect your home, and while they’re respectable methods in their own rights, nothing compares to an old fashioned guard dog. Guard dogs have been used for generations to help people protect their homes, families, and belongings.

For many years, guard dogs have helped to scare off burglars and thieves. Nothing fends off a thief more than a vicious dog grabbing his ankle and clamping down. Guard dogs tend to have extremely strong bites and can seriously injure a burglar. Guard dogs are trained to protect their owner(s) and their home, and they will do so no matter what.

When you get a guard dog, you have to teach him the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, and who’s allowed to be around your home. You don’t want the dog to be vicious towards everyone, let alone frighten or injure your friends or family.  Most guard dogs are left outside of the home, though on occasion they’ll be kept indoors. Indoor dogs are great, as they’ll catch a burglar the second he enters your home.

If you plan to keep your dog indoors, you should always have a supply of food and water available, as he will be home even when you aren’t. You will also need to give him access to an outdoor area so that he can come and go as he needs; a fenced in yard is ideal.  Sometimes a burglar will try and sneak around the back entrance, which is when giving a guard dog outside access can really come in handy.

Before buying the dog, you should always carefully research the species and where you plan to get your dog from. Police dogs or dogs that have been trained for protection are ideal, as they’re already experienced in defense activities. Dobermans and Pit Bulls are great for protection as well, simply because they are well known for being very vicious.  

If you carefully research your options and get your guard dog from a reliable source, you shouldn’t have much of anything to worry about. You should never get your dog from a lesser known or poor source, as the dog may be poorly trained or not in good health.  Providing you follow these tips and choose the right dog for you, he’s guaranteed to be a valuable protector and companion in your home.

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