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Nowadays, keeping valuables in a bank’s safety deposit box is no longer the only available way to safeguard your valuables. With the advent of technology and creative inventions, wall safes are now one of the best options for in-home security.

Generally, wall safes are mounted and permanently pierced into the walls of your house. You may mount your- wall safes while your house or your office is still under construction, or you may opt to mount it a little later. If you choose the latter, it shouldn’t be a very difficult because most wall safes are equipped with ‘flange’, which prevents you from having to re-cover your walls.

When buying wall safes, there are certain elements you need to check first:


A quality wall safe will have an Underwriters Laboratories rating. This means that the capability and efficiency of your wall safes is manifested by its ratings.

Basically, a safe with a Class-A rating can endure an inferno with a maximum of 2,000-degree heat for long hours, whereas a Class B-rated safe can only endure a fire with 1,850-degree heat and will last for only two hours. The last rating, Class C, means that the safe is capable of enduring 1,000-degree heat and will last for about an hour.

Like ordinary safes, wall safes are operated through a series of number combinations, keys, or electronic locks. Their function vary depending on the type you have chosen.


As with all commodities and products, all wall safes are not created equal, so their value in the market will also vary from one to another. These variations may be due to the quality of composition or the dealer that distributes the material.

In most cases, the average wall safe will cost $400. You’ll have to shop around in order to get the best bargain. The internet is a great place to search for a safe that meets your requirements.

However, when buying safes online, it is best that you see the items personally so as to scrutinize and evaluate if what the manufacturers claim online is actually true. After all, it’s your investment and valuables that are at risk, so it is best to obtain a device that can offer you both the protection that you need and the quality that you are looking for.

Generally, wall safes are used for the safekeeping of valuables such as jewelry, money, and even pertinent papers like contracts, deeds of sale, and receipts. With wall safes you can be assured that all of your most treasured possessions are kept safely against burglars and accidents like fire.

So if you’re in the market for a high-quality and convenient safe storage method for your home, a wall safe won’t do you wrong. Not only are they easy to install, easy to access, and easy to manipulate, but they’re also house-friendly because you can place them in any part of your house without having to destroy or modify your interior decorations.

As always, it’s better to think of your family and your finances’ safety now. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Don’t hesitate to invest a little amount of money on wall safes. You’ll never know what can happen next. Better safe than sorry.

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