How to Plan For Evacuating Your Family

An evacuation plan is a must have for anyone in an emergency situation. Disasters often happen without warning so monit is important that your family knows what to do. Communicating with your loved ones is critical for getting them safety through the emergency.

Evacuation plans can be written down and discussed amongst your family members. When crafting one, be sure to include the following elements:

Where to Meet – Different members of your family might be at different places when disaster strikes. They could be at work, school, or running errands around town. Having a prearranged place where everyone knows where to go will save a lot of guesswork when the time comes.

How to Get There – If a disaster strikes, there might be designated evacuation routes in your town or city. It never hurts to know alternate routes and keep at least half a tank of gas in one vehicle. If you know that disaster is imminent, fill your gas tank all the way. Watch out for roads that may be washed out or inaccessible.

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