Labor Day Special for Readers

I’m not much of a fan of Labor Day.  I’ll be honest…I’ve always enjoyed working and feel like I’m simply doing my duty, to God, my family and myself.  The SJWs who complain about working just seem like ingrates to me.

So I’m happily working along in my home office today when I got this offer from a supplier for a free tactical survival pen for any of my readers and I thought, “What the heck, I’ll pass it along”.


It’s a discreet, compact and easy to carry pen that’s solid enough to pack a brutal blow that will knockout any attacker.  Plus, it’s a fully functional pen you’re going to use every day.

It’s the perfect “Every Day Carry” for guys and gals!

However, this is a Labor Day special, so however you are spending the day, make sure you take five minutes to claim your tactical survival pen here.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

P.S.   I almost forgot to mention, they’ve only set aside 100 of these for my readers, and I now have more than 60,000 folks getting my emails and reading articles on the site so I suggest you act quickly.  Here’s how to get the tactical survival pen.

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