Managing All Money Is Essential in Order for the Gentility to Control the World

By: Gary D. Barnett

“The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal distribute.”

~ Eustace Mullins

Cash has actually been said to be the root of all wicked, but that is not exactly right. The root of all wicked lies in the hearts of guys, and those that manage the money and monetary systems have the ability to control mankind, and at the same time produce and perpetuate evil. Cash itself resembles any other beneficial tool or product in that it permits trade, commerce, and wealth to flourish. Cash is normally only utilized for wicked and unethical functions when rulers and governments, state crooks in other words, get a monopoly on the issuance, taxation, and control of it, and utilize it to manage others. This can not take place in a really totally free society, but then, free societies no longer exist.

When men catch criminal habits in order to get prohibited wealth, whether in the personal or ‘public’ sector, it is a felonious act, however when the most effective look for to gain control over the whole monetary system, it is for the function of acquiring total control over entire populations. This is what is taking place now in this phony Covid fraud, which is causing a reset and complete restructuring of all monetary systems. Make no mistake about it; this is about power and control, and it must be comprehended that without control over the cash, control over individuals is not possible. That is why this effort to digitize every transaction, remove cash, manipulate and possibly seize rare-earth elements, and to manage and regulate all crypto currencies, is so essential to the effective criminal syndicate called the ruling class, and so devastating to the rest of society.

This all began with the Federal Reserve System, which has been a criminal organization since its creation, but has actually become something much even worse. This private operation, its main banking partners, and the fractional reserve system, have actually caused all of the economic crises, depressions, ups and downs, and extreme volatility in this country and beyond given that the early part of the 20th century. This is a world banking system, and has become the head of the snake of world financial policy. The U.S. federal government and federal governments around the world are now controlled by what has actually become a worldwide banking cartel with the goal of international supremacy. In addition, governments that are controlled, the large fascist corporate sectors, including innovation, medical and pharmaceutical, and world health organizations, all work together as partners in criminal activity.

It is obvious that this crime syndicate called the main banking system, is actively pursuing a grand program of financial combination never prior to seen in history, and with every part of federal government and its big corporate allies taking part in this takeover, this is undoubtedly a major effort to settle this coup in order to reshape the world so that all control will be held by the few in a brand-new dictatorial system of technocracy.

Cash is being inspected and disallowed worldwide, and changed by fully manageable digital deal processes. It is necessary to understand that money is personal and untraceable, and no judgment ‘elite’ class will ever look for to enable personal privacy, whether in money and monetary transactions, organization, individual habits, and even individual thought. Personal privacy suggests flexibility, and a totally digitized system indicates total monitoring and control of every aspect of life.

With the control of money and digital economies comes overall control over almost whatever. With such a system in place, keeping track of behaviors, medical records, social contacts, composing and individual routines, computer system use, websites visited, and essentially every other element of life is not only possible however ensured. This is how social scoring can become not just widespread, but likewise universal, and with that in place, having any liberty whatsoever would become impossible. Without a perfect social score, you might lose your task, your capability to leave your house or travel; if you were not a ‘good’ person that abided by state commands, your power and water might be cut off, your savings account suspended, or your Internet ‘benefits’ revoked. This is just the beginning.

Crypto currencies were produced in major part to prevent the banking and tax theft system, and since late, this market has blown up. While this may not be the final answer in money, peer to peer financial deals using personal blockchain technology is considered by the central banks, treasury departments, and federal governments around the world as harmful to their authority and capability to take by tax any cash earned by gains in these markets. Governments want to be in the non-private crypto company, as they desire all transactions to be digital and traceable. Private cash systems like crypto are a thorn in the side of totalitarians, and they will do everything they can to ruin personal cash.

The regulation of crypto has just recently become a really hot subject. Washington ‘legislators’ want to manage and manage all crypto transactions, but the very reason crypto exists is to avoid the oversight of federal government and central banks. Simply reported is that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Product Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Irs (IRS), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and the U.S. Congress all wish to participate in crypto regulatory oversight. All these entities are the most criminal and corrupt companies in financing and government anywhere, however naturally, they will declare to want this power to protect the really public that they seek to control and control. There could not be a clearer sign that they are deathly scared of any private market in money, as that threatens their power and ability to damage the world’s economic systems in favor of one international system that they can control.

This preplanned, staged, and phony ‘pandemic’ was indicated to impart worry into an already oblivious and mostly compliant society so that a takeover could be possible. Up until now, this has all worked as prepared, and the populations around the globe have caught political pressure, and adhered to every draconian order bied far. This must stop, and stop immediately, for the end game is near. In order to regain any sanity or regular life whatsoever, in order to even have an opportunity at liberty; will need disobedience at every level. Just state no to all federal government, local, state, and federal, and never let these compassionless, non-sympathetic, low life scum rule your life. Keep in mind, that these zombie-like vampires called rulers and political leaders, seek to figuratively drain pipes the blood of all those they master over in order to manage all.

If individuals really wish to be complimentary, they need to have a free market in cash, and they must keep it private and far from the thieves discussed above. Do not enable those determined to develop by force an entirely digital world in order to replace the natural order that exists. Tear down the Federal Reserve, and all central-banking systems. Take down this political cartel called government, and depend on yourself and each other rather of blindly offering over all your liberty to masters bent on your destruction.

“Some individuals believe the Federal Reserve Banks are US government organizations. They are not … they are personal credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the US for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers, and abundant and predatory cash lending institutions. The sack of the United States by the Fed is the best criminal offense in history. Every effort has actually been made by the Fed to hide its powers, however the reality is the Fed has actually usurped the federal government. It manages whatever here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks federal governments at will.”

~ Louis Thomas McFadden

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