Media Assembles on the Story That UFOs Might Be Russian/Chinese Threat


So in case you haven’t been maintaining it’s been pretty thoroughly verified that the United States federal government’s highly prepared for UFO report due this month will not contain any considerable revelations and certainly will not confirm anyone’s concepts about these phenomena being extraterrestrial in origin, but it definitely will consist of fearmongering that UFOs might be evidence that the US has fallen alarmingly behind Russian and Chinese technological advancement in the cold war arms race.

Unknown US authorities have done a print media tour speaking with journalism on condition of anonymity (obviously), with first The New York Timesreportingtheir statements about the contents of the UFO report and then CNNand The Washington Post. Each of these outlets reported the very same thing: the US government doesn’t understand what these things are however is really concerned they make up evidence that Russia and/or China have actually somehow managed to highly leapfrog US military development by light years. All three mention these two nations clearly.

This story was then gotten by cable news, with MSNBC inviting previous CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta on to describe to their audience that the United States government should assume UFOs are Russian or Chinese in origin up until that possibility has been exhausted.

“Is it your presumption that it is Russia or China testing some insane innovation that we somehow don’t have, or are we sort of over-assuming the abilities of China and Russia which the only other description is that if it is not us ourselves then it is something otherworldly?” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Panetta.

“I think a great deal of this stuff most likely might be countries like Russia, like China, like others, who are using now drones, using the sort of sophisticated weapons that could effectively be associated with a lot of these sightings,” Panetta responded. “I think that’s the area to go to extremely frankly in order to recognize what’s taking place.”

“It seems like you think we need to tire that out, exhaust that hypothesis initially prior to you begin dealing with other hypotheses,” Todd said.

“Yeah, definitely,” stated Panetta, who for the record is every bit as much of a oppressive, thuggishimperialist cold warrioras any other CIA director.

This UFOs-as-Chinese/Russian-threat narrative has actually quickly been picked up and thrust into mainstream orthodoxy by all the significant branches of the mass media, from Fox Newsto Reutersto The Guardianto Todayto the BBCto U.S.A. Today. Whenever you see the imperial media converge to this extent upon a single story, that’s the Authorities Storyof the empire. We can expect to see a lot more of this moving forward.

Remarkably, the only mass media segment I have actually seen on this subject because the New York Timesstory broke which doesn’tpromote the UFOs-as-Chinese/Russian-threat story is a visitor appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonightby Lue Elizondo, the military intelligence veteran who got the ball rollingon the new UFO story which emerged in 2017. Elizondo heads out of his method to inform Carlson (who himself has actually been promoting the idea that UFOs might be a foreign adversarial risk with cartoonish melodrama) that there’s no chance these might be Russian or Chinese airplane.

Elizondo, who appears to favor the UFOs-as-extraterrestrials narrative, argues that there are substantial records of military encounters with these phenomena stretching back seventy years, which dismisses China considering that it might barely keep its head above water back then and rules out Russia due to the fact that it shared its UFO understanding with the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I do not know what’s happening with that last bit; I see no reason to trust that an American alarm is acting in good faith on such a quickly controlled subject, however it is entirely possible that Elizondo set out on this road out of a genuine desire for federal government disclosure on UFOs and is now attempting to regain control of the story now that he sees the cold war arms race direction it has taken.

Chris Melon, another major player in the new UFO narrative, just recently complained on Twitterthat “some important info was not shared” with the public in the UFO report. So who understands, maybe the initiators of this new UFO narrative were acting in great faith and their efforts were simply promptly hijacked by forces beyond their control to advance preexisting cold war agendas.

No matter whether that’s true, it was always inevitable that this weird new bunny hole of UFOs going mainstream was going to lead to more cold war propaganda. I’ve been communicating a bit with the online UFO neighborhood for the first time ever, and it looks like they’re primarily good individuals with excellent objectives and a great deal of expect this brand-new governmental examination. However it also looks like they’re mainly a community which primarily just talks with itself and is only just beginning to meet the cold harsh light of day that is the impenetrable wickedness of the United States war maker.

The United States federal government is pure swamp; you can’t utilize the overload to fix the swamp. Democrats were never going to utilize a Special Counsel to get rid of Trump, Trump was never going to take down the Deep State, and the United States federal government isn’t going to investigate itself and inform everybody that aliens are real.

If there are certainly extraterrestrials and they are undoubtedly flying around our world in odd airplane, we are most likely to get the truth about this from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the US armed force. The war device just does killing and destruction; it’s not going to all of a sudden establish an interest in truth and openness. The earlier UFO enthusiasts realize this the better.

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